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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

OKINAWA NAHA: Wakasa Ichigen Izakaya...what a gem! Delicious food, attentive staff and 100 yen happy hour drinks!! (Sony RX100)

The Wakasa Matsuyama area in Okinawa is kind like a mix of bars, dance clubs, hostess clubs and a bit of the shady red light district mixed into a few blocks of Naha.  

I stayed at a very budget hotel just a few steps away from Wakasa Ichigen Izakya and what caught my eye was the 100 yen beers and Hi-Ball happy hour til 8pm.   SOOOO!

A friend was driving in and low and behold... a parking lot just across the street. Up to 5 hours for only 300 yen!  That's unheard of in central Naha.

Great picture menu!

Super friendly manager who suggested we reduce our seafood salad to a half size because it was rather huge... what a nice guy.. 

The automatic appetizer called Otoshi. 

WOW! This place has a 2 hour all you can drink plan for only 1,000 yen.  Okinawa sure is a drunkards paradise.  Like!

But I went with the 100 yen happy hour Kinmugi Draft Beer!  Normally priced 250 yen. 

Of course had to get the sirloin steak!

The volume looked less than pictured but it sure was buttery soft!  WOW!

When in Okinawa of course... grilled pigs feet.  Crispy on the outside and nicely chewy on the inside.  I`m not a fan of the boiled chilled feet but this was yum!

Then off to oldies live house GOLD DISC to watch the Dynamites gig!

Then we did it all again a few days later!

This nights otoshi... seaweed. 

This nights beef was even more tender... this is a total must!

Then back to Gold Disc to watch Lucky Lips!  When in Okinawa you MUST visit Wakasa Ichigen!  Nearly all of the seating were booths so lots of privacy and in this era of Coronavirus (COVID19) its just the perfect social distancing seating setup.  Remember happy hour is until 8pm but there is that awesome 1,000 yen nomihoudai menu too!  GO GO!

Restaurant: Wakasa Ichigen Izakaya
Address J: 沖縄県那覇市若狭2-3-21 新里ビル 1F
Address E: Okinawa, Naha-shi, Wakasa 2-3-21
ワカサ いち玄 , Wakasa いち玄, 県庁前駅, 居酒屋, ハイボール, 金麦, 飲み放題, 安い, ハッピーアワー, 個室、Japan, Japanese, Oki,Okinawa, Naha, sony rx100, foodie, yelp, tokyobelly, cheap, dinner, bar, pub, steak, seafood, yakitori, wine, drunk, 泡盛、awamori

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