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Saturday, March 26, 2011

MARUNOUCHI: Tsubame Grill Revisted! ROLLED Cabbage for Lunch.

Check out my previous entry for details about location etc.

Just had to share this video of the guy making Rolled Cabbage...  We normally go for the Hamburger selections at Tsubame Grill but wanted to try something lighter.

Rolled Cabbage with Rice or Bread 890yen.. if you want to add the Tomato salad then its 1,100yen.

I went for the bread this time... thought about dipping it into the cabbage soup.

Hello Tomato!

Rolled cabbage was excellent... great balance of veggies and meat. Highly recommended!!
For address details go HERE:

The Pantry by Homeworks: Take Out Chili-Burger! A pass but tasty if Free!!

With most of my office escaping to overseas location the few of us remaining were treated to a nice Homeworks burger for lunch!

1,250yen Chili Burger Lunch Set... Menu here

Cole Slaw... not that good... would prefer a small salad or potato salad.

Great french fries for sure.

The Chili Burger!

Yeah... really... this burger reminded me of this Wendys commercial for sure .... I mean... really, its smaller than my iPhone.

This tiny burger hit the spot and tasted pretty good but the volume surely lacked.  I think the tasty part was very much affected by the fact the company paid for the burgers... now would I order one with my own money... NOPE... i'd 100% pass and go for the amazing and absolutely stunning Chili Burger at The Great Burger

Shop: The Pantry by Homeworks
Shop Website:  (Roppongi Hills and Marunouchi eat-in Locations)
All the address details are on the above website in ENGLISH!  
Foodie Website for Marunouchi Shop:
Foodie Website for Roppongi Hills Shop - Ratings are hella low at 2.96pts... phew:

OSAKA Umeda City: Sakura Okonomiyaki... our favorite spot in "Shin Umeda Shokudo Gai"

Thanks to my company Mari and I escaped the radio activity in Tokyo for a few days... Tokyo is great but there was no milk, water, eggs, bread or instant foods anywhere to be found but the rolling blackouts convinced us to get away for a few days.

Osaka is truly a giant inexpensive kitchen compared to Tokyo.  The food was easily 30% less but beer prices were the same.  Mari had a craving for Okonomiyaki and Tako Yaki... of course you can't leave Osaka without enjoying these two famous treats.

We walked into a big maze of small restaurants in Umeda and randomly searched for a place that was nicely filled... SAKURA was it with its nice counter seating and view of the chef at work.

We ordered the Buta (Pork) -Tama and...

The Yaki Udon... later regretted this because it was basically fried Udon in Okonomiyaki Sauce... doubt this cost more than 100yen to make at home.  

Of course... Beeru.

The Okonimyaki Arrived... now the best thing about this is they cut up and mince the cabbage so you don't get big uneven chunks in the serving.  This was soooo tasty.  Seems they use batter, egg, cabbage and pork... thats it!  But why don't you watch this episode of Cooking with Dog!

(If you love Japanese food you must watch this Dog Series)

Little video of how to cut up the Okonimiyaki in easy bite size bits.

Don't for get to add these toppings... first dried seaweed?  It was so tasty.

Dried fish powder... 

And something I've only seen in Osaka... Red Pepper! This gave it a nice kick.

Yeah, I managed to put all the toppings on my little plate... yum.

View of the chef preparing everyones Okonomiyaki on his own hot plate.

Oh, they give you a most paper washcloth, chop sticks and a metal scooper.

The Yaki Udon arrived... yeah, don't order this.  Go for a few orders of the Okonomiyaki.

There are actually two Sakuras in this little alley... if one is full just check out the other one.  Counter seating so easy to wander in alone.  If you need to just pick ONE spot to eat Okonimiyaki in Osaka I'd highly recommend this place... no long lines and the food was great plus service most excellent and friendly. Also! They have an English Menu with Pictures!!!

Shop: Okonomiyaki Sakura
Location: Umeda Station in Osaka
Address J: 大阪府大阪市北区角田町9-10
Address E: Osaka-fu, Osaka-shi,  Kita-ku, Kakuda-cho 9-10

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