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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

AOYAMA ICHOME: Craving heavy heavy beer food? Ginza Lion is a spot to put on those calories!

Client visiting from Shanghai but during Bonenkai season its just so hard to get a restaurant a few days notice so headed to spacious Ginza Lion pub. 

Everything on the menu was soooo heavy.... totally beer food.

All kinds of sizes of beer... not much of a variety though.

900 yen Sapporo Boot Beer... cute.

I definitely wouldn't go back if I was calorie conscious but if you need a dose of heavy American / German food then it might be perfect for you...

Restaurant: Ginza Lion Aoyama Ichome
Address J: 東京都港区南青山1-1-1 新青山ビルヂング西館 B1F
Address E:  Tokyo, Nerima-ku, Minami Aoyama 1-1-1, B1F

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Saturday, November 24, 2018

SHIMBASHI: Tachinomi Heso... standing Japanese izakaya in the heart of salary man town. Great Steak! (SONY RX100)

Shimbashi on a Saturday?  One of my friends wanted to check out Shimbashi / Ginza area for drinks so we started off on the cheap at a standing pub.

Mix of lone diners, salarymen and one foreigner... wouldn't suggest taking a lady here.
There is a drink combo set menu... sashimi, oden, steak etc.

Lots of items pictured and super reasonable.

Went for the oden combo 500 yen and steak combo 980yen.

Steak was tender!  A great choice.


Draft beer 450 yen or a Sapporo Red Star beer for 550 yen? Always bottle guy.

A first for me.  Black edamame... texture was firm and kinda chewy.  Not too bad.

Unusually no small oshibori (mini hand towels) here but they had this small tissue packets with Packinko palor ads on it... 

Happy hour if you arrive early.

Sparkling sake... super easy to drink.

Overall I would probably come back for the steak but wasn't such a relaxing environment.... suggest staying for just an hour then moving on.

Don't forget to check out the SL Train for their Christmas display and Santa.

Restaurant: Tachinome Heso
Address J: 東京都港区新橋2-8-2 TMビル
Address E: Tokyo-to, Minato-ku, Shimbashi 2-8-2

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