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Friday, September 17, 2021

OKINAWA NAHA: Nakazaya... absolutely fantastic bowl of Tonkotsu broth Okinawa soba! GOTTA GOO!!! (Sony RX100)

The majority of Okinawa Soba is made with a light fish broth that might leave people craving for more and what the saving grace is the tender soki pork or the type of noodle (thin, medium, thick).  BUT Never did I realize they also serve soba using Tonkotsu based soup!!

Great take-out bento selections at 500 and 380 yen. 

Lots of space and there was also a tatami seating area with about 4 tables.  Great if you have little kids. 

 Lots of options but I went for my favorite soki soba (pictured on top of the menu).  Small size is 100 grams with 2 pieces of pork and Medium is 200 grams with 3 pieces.  Went with Medium!

Nice traditional Okinawan pottery. 

Box full of pickled ginger... I never add this as it kinda overwhelms the soup. 

Later I added this very spicy yet sweet sauce to my broth. 

Its like Tonkotsu ramen from mainland Japan but with amazing tender braised pork and Okinawan chewy soba noodles!  Absolutely the best of both worlds!!

You can hear the chef light up his torch... braised to perfection. 

The pork was absolutely buttery tender and so flavorful.  Pieces were generously huge.
Loved it!!  

Sitting one table over was a little boy.  Family seemed to be regulars as they knew the staff.

Should have bought a bottle!  

I`ve lived in Tokyo for years but there is such a friendly atmosphere in Okinawa.  The waitress here was so nice, the restaurant super spacious and the soba was just addictive... If you are staying in the Naha area you MUST give Nakazaya a try! I WILL BE BACK!! Oh its only about a 10 minute walk from the Yui Monorail Oroku Station. 

Restaurant: Nakaza-Ya
Address J: 沖縄県那覇市金城3-7-1
Address E: Okinawa, Naha, Kanagusuku 3-7-1
沖縄そば なかざ家, ゆいレール小禄駅, 小禄駅, 軟骨ソーキ, ソーキそば, 濃厚豚骨, お出汁, Japan, Japanese, Okinawa, noodles, ramen, Okinawan, sony rx100, foodie, yelp, tokyobelly, tabelog, lunch, dinner, budget, cheap, 

Friday, August 6, 2021

ROPPONGI: Hobglobin British Pub for company Nijikai... such cozy interior with carpet! (Sony RX100)

I have not been to a bar in Roppongi since January 2020... its been forever!

3 hour all you can drink... last call for alcohol at 2.5 hours.

This pub is soooo cozy!  Low lighting, Tokyo 2020 Olympic games on the TVs, fully carpeted and loved the booths lining the wall. 

Our finger foods... Just realized this must have been the fried fish! UGH! Didnt eat it. 

Nicely charred ribs... or a bit burnt.

Pulled pork sandwiches. 


French fry mish mash... wasnt too sure what to make of this. 

I`m a huge fan of ribs... but this was a bit too on the charred side.  It was just so burnt.... so sad.

Cozy carpet... so nice. Japan just doesnt do carpet. 

Free darts! Very generous. AND! Its not that electric stuff you see so often. Real cork and steel darts. 

Staff was super attentive, all you can drink menu had a nice variety but overall this pub is sooooo relaxing. Hope to go again after I get vaccinated. 

Restaurant:  Hobglobin Roppongi British Pub
Address J: 東京都港区六本木3-16-33 青葉六本木ビル 1F
Address E: Tokyo, Minato-ku, Roppongi 3-16-33
ホブゴブリン 六本木 (HOBGOBLIN), パブ, ビアバー, スポーツバ, Japan, Japanese, tokyo, foodie, yelp, tokyobelly, 食べログ, sony rx100, pub, bar, izakaya, beers, tap, craft beer, ale, guiness, six trees, whisky, sports bar, irish,