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Friday, October 29, 2010

SHIBUYA: Sushi Zanmai East Exit Shop... its a hit or miss but got lucky this night.

I'm a loyal loyal fan of Gatten Sushi in Roppongi but I occasionally wander into Sushi Zanmai in Shibuya... usually late at night on the way or in between clubs.  

Akami... or Regular Tuna... always on my order list.

This was after Oktoberfest in Hibiya... after grand opening of a new Salsa club in Roppongi... and before small club event in Shibuya... long night.

Oliver visiting from Switzerland.. had to hit up Sushi.

Amaebi and Hotate (Scallop)

A great closer.... Crab miso soup

Japanese rolls... or Maki.  If you say Hoso (skinny) Maki you'll get the familiar California stye rolls... if not then its like this.

Mentaiko maki.

Sushi is never very expensive in Tokyo...  well at least places that have menu and pricing.  If there are no prices listed then expect to easily pay $150 for two...

Just a quick intro to a reasonable sushi shop in Shibuya... J'a Mata Ne!

SHOP: Sushi Zanmai East Exit Shop
Location: Shibuya (2 minutes from the station)... you can almost see it from the East exit.
Sushi Zanmai Webiste:  Must Click This!  (Video here)
Address J: 東京都渋谷区渋谷2-22-11
Address E:  Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Shibuya 2-22-11

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

TAKADANOBABA: L'AMITIE French in a college town (Waseda University)

Mari enjoys French cuisine... and as you can see my blog is mostly filled with things other than French.  So... there was this spot she talked about in Takadanobaba... baba? French in college town baba?  hmm... I always thought great French food could only be found in Azabu, Aoyama or Ginza.  So off to L'Amitie we went. 

Had to make a reservation 3 weeks in advance for a Saturday 7pm slot.  L'Amitie offers an exceptional 2,700yen course menu only.  

My first dish "Pate de Champage" was massive... the volume! 

Mari went for the "Avocat Aux Crevettes" as her 1st dish.  Shrimp on a Avocado.

So our Main meal begins...

Mari's 2nd dish was simply amazing, "Persillade De Travers de Porc" or the tenderest softest pork spare ribs you ever had on a bed of mash potatos... the green baked crust around the pork was... well you'll just have to order this.  The best plate of the evening.

So so tender ribs.

My 2nd dish "Hachis Parmentier." It was a small baked dish with three layers... cheese, mashed potatoes and very tasty ground beef on the very bottom.  It wasn't as amazing as the roast beef but still very memorable.

Dessert Menu.

Tried the "Sorbet a la fruit de la Passion" or fruit sorbet.  Yum!

And a coffee to end the meal.   L'Amitie is ranked a spectacular 3.89 on Japan's #1 Foodie Site and it didn't disappointed.  For around 8,000yen we had an amazing meal that would easily be double that in posh Azabu, Aoyama, Roppongi, Ginza etc.  We think a French family runs the spot... have to clarify this one day.  Anyways if you want an amazing French meal then take the time to visit Takadanobaba... a very vibrant college town so it will be a fun stroll thru the neighborhood.

Location: JR Takananobaba Station
Address J:  東京都新宿区高田馬場2-9-12
Address E:  Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku, Takadanobaba 2-9-12

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NAKAMEGURO: Oguna Bares en Japon (Great Roast Beef!)

Brand new building across from the Meguro Gov't Office that was once just an empty lot.  Taking a walk from Yutenji to Nakameguro and we noticed a lunch menu outside the building.
Two Lunch Sections for 750yen.  Roast Beef/Salad/Bread or Italian piadina (aka Italian Tortilla).... what Tortilla!? I was sold!  

Probably the best Roast Beef I've had in Tokyo.  Light Parmesan topping... you could cut the beef with a plastic fork.  Great stuff.... unfortunately this was Mari's dish and I only tried a little. 

Bread for the Roast Beef Lunch.
My Italian Tortilla Lunch!

I was expecting to see a little meat but it was 100% Vegan.  Kinda refreshing to take a break from meats.  A very refreshing dish.

You can get the Daily Lunch Cake for an additional 200yen....normally 650yen a slice!!  Ricotta Cheesecake on a tart... very good.

Ricotta rare cheesecake wasn't a part of the daily lunch special but looked great.

Very comfy ostrich skin chairs... or is it crocodile?

A little out of the way in Nakameguro but well worth the stroll... they were still in the pre-opening stages so the menu might have expanded since out visit on Sept. 20, 2010.

Ferrari 458 spotting after lunch... lots of great cars in Tokyo.

SHOP: OGUNA Bares en Japon
LOCATION: Nakameguro (Toyoko-Line or Hibiya Line)
Shop Website:
Address J:  東京都目黒区中目黒3-12-19, 2F  
Address E:  TOkyo, Meguro-ku, Meguro 3-12-19

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Monday, October 25, 2010

YOTSUYA: Taiyo Tomato Ramen

So you girl wants pasta and you are in the mood for ramen noodles... well, then you have no choice but to hit up Taiyo (Sun) Tomato Ramen!  Its a franchise so you can find shops around Tokyo.
Taiyo Ramen starts at 730yen. (Click to enlarge).

If you fill out the questionnaire you'll get a free boiled seasoned egg.

Mari and I both went for the 830yen Taiyo Cheese Ramen.  Soup was a perfect blend of Ramen soup and light tomato sauce.  Noodles were thinner than most ramen shops... a tasty dish.

After you are done with the noodles save some soup.  For an additional 150yen you can try the Ra-Zo (Ramen Risotto).  

Just pour the soup into the rice bowl... always have high hopes for Risotto but this was more like a bowl of regular rice.

No Smoking?  Sounds good to me...

Worth a try.

SHOP: Taiyo Tomato Men (Men means Noodles in Japanese).
LOCATION: Yotsuya 
Ramen Shop Website:
Foodie Ranking of Taiyo Tomato Men: CLICK HERE
Address J: 東京都新宿区四谷2-11
Address E:  Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku, Yotsuya 2-11

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