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Monday, July 26, 2010

SHIBUYA: L&L Hawaiian BBQ... wave Aloha as you walk on by. Japan foodie score a complete disaster!

L&L brings back memories of the small L&L BBQ No.2 shop in Pucks Alley.  You could always count on a hot tasty plate with lots of volume and generous portion of mac salad...

When I heard L&L opened up in Shibuya I had to take Mari to check out some plate lunches.  The image I had was from Hawaii... big volume, satisfying taste and reasonable prices.  These 3 things that define L&L.

We went for the Garlic Shrimp 850yen and Loco Moco 980yen. 

The 850yen Garlic Shrimp brought back memories of Kahuku shrimp on the North Shore.   I never saw this on the menu in Hawaii but it should be a big hit in Tokyo.

I greeted my  980yen Loco Moco with a smile because it was huge... but honestly I got bored with it after a few bites.  I think the only thing Hawaiian about this was the gravy.  Japanese make amazing hamburger steaks and the quality of the hamburger used here just can't compete.  If you want give it a try then go the the M size.

I'm a big fan of the BBQ Mix Plate but at 1,380yen ($15) it was a pass.  I think this store got the whole concept wrong by opening in prime Shibuya on 3 floors.  Japanese will go anywhere & wait in line if the food is good and fairly priced... but paying central Shibuya rents and trying to keep in the black by selling overpriced plate lunches, well.... Mari and I agree'd.... the fad will end and this place will not make it.  There are way too many alternatives for young money strapped consumers that define Shibuya.

If you miss Hawaii then you should check out Ogo's in Akasaka for lunch... it beats L&L hands down.  If you want a place to relax over a soda after a long day in Shibuya then check out L&L, the interior is comfy and the Hawaiian music is soothing.  The next time I visit L&L will be in Paradise.

SHOP: L&L Hawaiian Barbeque
Location: Shibuya
Address J: 東京都渋谷区宇多川町36-6 ワールド宇田川ビル 1F
Address E: Tokyo-to, Shibuya-ku, Udagawa-cho 36-6 (Recently Relocated to this spot).


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

MEGURO: Rasoi Indian Restaurant... waiters are truly unique.

I ventured into Rasoi years ago and decided to take Mari over the weekend.  You won't find clean cut Indian staff here but very traditional (I'm assuming) guys with head gear, very long beards and long one piece Indian clothing.  The impact of the waiters is very strong with their dark mysterious faces but thats until they start to speak and smile... the staff was so friendly.  What added to this mystic was the very dark restaurant setting with equal interior design. You gotta check it out.

The Lunch Specials (Click to Enlarge).

It was a cloudy day so the interior may have been a bit darker than normal.

Lunch special salad...

When I ordered my Chicken Curry the waiter said it was spicy... he was correct.

Mari's creamy shrimp curry was so mild and good... will go for this next time. She ordered the rice but it was just regular Japanese rice coated in butter.

Chai and Lassi. Comes with the Lunch. Go for the Chai! It was great.

Located on the same floor as The Meguro Tavern London Pub

SHOP: Rasoi Indian Restaruant
LOCATION: JR Meguro Station.
Address J: 東京都目黒区下目黒1-3-28 サンウッド目黒 2F
Address E: Tokyo-to, Meguro-ku, Kami Meguro 1-3-38

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Monday, July 5, 2010

SanGenChaya: RaiRaiRai 來來來 Nagasaki Chanpon!

So after the disastrous experience at Voi Voi we took a walk and noticed a small line outside of a tiny Nagasaki Chanpon Restaurant RaiRaiRai 來來來.  Ranked #9 in Sangenchaya and relatively highly scored at 3.71... how could we go wrong?

Honda Cub with a box of Cabbage.

Son stepped out to pick out some Cabbage~.

Very simple Menu. 

First dish... CHANPON!  It was like Ramen with lightly stir fried vegetables in a sauce that seemed to get its sweetness from the cabbage.  This was excellent.

Second Dish... SARA UDON (Salah Udon).  Same type of vegetables on a bed of think crispy noodles.  You can either select the thin noodles Hoso-Men or think noodles Futo-Men.   Another great dish!

Family run restaurant (Father, Mother and Son).  Service with a smile, water refilled immediately and the food was well worth the line.  We'll be back and hope you'll check it out too.

Restaurant: LaiLaiLai (Rai Rai Rai). 
Location: Sangenchaya Station on the Denen-Chofu Line (1 Stop from Shibuya Station).
Address J:   東京都世田谷区太子堂4-27-10  
Address E: Tokyo, Setagaya-ku, Taishido 4-27-10 

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SanGenJaya: パンケーキママカフェ VoiVoi for Pancakes, service sucked balls. 東京初最悪なカスタマーサービス

Recently started exploring Sangenchaya and decided to rely on Japan's most famous Foodie Website for a spot in Sangenchaya. Saturday afternoon.. why not try some tasty looking pancakes!  パンケーキママカフェ Pancake Mama Cafe VoiVoi was ranked #19 for Sangenchaya and we were off.  Cute shop, nice interior (nearly all women customers, a good sign) and the pancakes looked great... but then it was all down hill.  We were seated at the entrance counter (4 seats) facing the kitchen.  Not much of a view... the female waitress was next to Mari so she asked if we could move to a table in the back when it opened up.  Seemed like a simple request... but the waitress without a smile said we don't allow customers to change seats once they are seated.  Dude... we just sat down.  I didn't hear the response and noticed a table open up a few minutes later... then the waitress guided a new customer to the table.  WTF.  Don't mind paying 1,300 yen for pancakes in a friendly atmosphere but this was a bit much. Left the water untouched and we walked out.  If you don't mind your loved ones being treated rudely then please visit this spot... otherwise I highly recommend you don't go.  There are way too many friendly spots in Tokyo to waste your time here.

Shop Name: Pancake Mama Cafe Voi Voi
Location: Sangenchaya Station
Address J: 東京都世田谷区三軒茶屋1-35-15
Address E: Tokyo, Setagaya-ku, Sangenjaya 1-35-15

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