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Thursday, December 22, 2011

MEGURO: Hungry Heaven Hamburger... Holy Moly absolutely stunning!

Random day at Meguro for a little Christmas shopping and where to go for lunch?  I had a vague memory of a burger shop in this area... so went to my favorite foodie site to see whats good in Meguro. 

And there it was... HUNGRY HEAVEN ranked #15 in Meguro.

Always nice to have a little direction when it comes to BIG Tokyo burgers.

Every order comes with a Drink and if you choose a large portion of french fries.

After looking at this Photo I had to go for the Grill Grill Grill Burger~.  But honestly I was also torn between the Chili burger and the Mozzarella Tomato Sauce burger too~...

I couldn't believe it! They were playing The Smiths the entire time... great stuff.

Holy Moly and it arrives... it was so complete.  

Grilled Tomato and Grilled Onions (First time I've seen this available in a burger here), 2 large pieces of bacon, tomato sauce, chewy mozzarella cheese and the incredibly juicy patty.  And... even the buns were so prefect.

A messy shot but the waitress directed me to use 2 paper holders for this burger... it was soooooo JUICY!  This might have just became my absolute favorite burger shop ousting The Great Burger in Harajuku.

All this for only 900yen... an absolute deal.  Oh click HERE for more burger pics.

Even around 2pm it was a full house but the rotation was quick so worth the wait if you visit Hungry Heaven.  I can't stress how gooooood this place was... I'll definitely be back to try the other burgers!!

SHOP: Hungry Heaven (Meguro Branch)
Address J: 東京都目黒区下目黒1-2-22 セザール目黒 2F
Address E: Tokyo, Meguro-ku, Kami-Meguro 1-2-22, 2nd Floor.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

GINZA: Arossa... an absolute Home-Run everytime! Amazing lunch value.

6 items... 1,050yen... was another incredible lunch at Arossa.

Starts with freshly baked bread and the Arossa "Mori-Mori" Salad that will take you the entire meal to enjoy... had a hit of bacon seasoning and the portion too generous for posh Ginza.

Next came the delicate 鶏肉のバロティーヌ chicken...

Then the white fish arrived... sauteed in butter and topped with some kind of extremely tasty olive oil sauce on a bed of mashed potatoes... and I honestly wanted to line up again outside for another serving of lunch.

Just one Chef in the Kitchen... just 1 course on the menu...

Meal closes with a tiny icy tangerine dessert.

Choice of coffee or tea to complete another delicious meal at Arossa.

Seems they serve lunch wine 600yen, soft drinks 300yen, New Zealand beer 850yen, lunch beer 650yen  and dessert 350yen.

Excellent service, amazing lunch at an incredible price and customers were 90% ladies... I'll be back!

For Address Details pls check out my previous entries:

HARAJUKU: 600yen Kyushu Jangara Ramen... vs Cup Noodle! Its a close one!

After a few Happy Hour drinks at Harajuku TGIFridays I just had that ramen craving and couldn't resist the large 600yen Kyushu-Jangara-Ramen sign on the way to JR Harajuku station~....

There is usually a line when I pass by this place and at 8pm it was a full house... nice mix of college students, girls and salarymen.

Didn't want anything too filling so went for the very reasonable 600yen Jangara-Ramen.  Oh the service was dead on super friendly!  Everyone said welcome and all smiles... ramen guy even offered an English menu and tried to speak a little English.

Window seat with me and this tiny Snowman. 

Red pickled ginger and hot pickled greens... watchout for the greens as just a tiny bit can really spice up your ramen soup and overwhelm the flavor.

There it is!  It was quite different from the "Creamy and Wild" 1,000yen Bonshan Ramen I had in Akasaka... the bowl was much bigger but volume seemed the same.

If you want a nice flavored boiled egg its extra.

Some toppings... fresh garlic, sesame seeds...etc.

Very thin noodles... 

Included 2 tiny slices of Pork.  

Overall the volume and flavor was very underwhelming... I'd have to call this after drinks beer food.  Its not something you will be craving on a regular basis but the price point was just right.  But honestly I think the 170yen 7-11 and Ippudo collaboratio ramen was just as good as this place... AND if you compare Jangara 600yen ramen to Jimbocho Ramen-Jiro's 650yen monster then you will be incredibly disappointed. 

Only a 2min walk from Kyushu-Jangara to JR Harajuku Station.

And only steps from the Harajuku Nike shop... Congrats Barcelona!

Shop: Kyushu Jangara Harajuku Branch
Address J: 東京都渋谷区神宮前1-13-21 シャンゼール原宿2号館 1F・2F
Address E: 東京都渋谷区神宮前1-13-21

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

ROPPONGI: Gatten Sushi revisited for their 130yen Chu-Toro!

The ONLY place I've ever come across that has Chu-Toro for only 130yen... you will rarely see this for less than 300yen.  Just a quick visit~...

Menu in English too~

There it is!  Chu-Toro for 130yen but 280yen Otoro is ver reasonable too.


Ordered a beer but unfortunately they stopped that very heartwarming group Kanpai that was just so welcoming... video in my previous post.

Started with 5 pieces of Otoro~.

First time to see a gray haired Sushi Chef... usually at that age you'll see them with their own shops.  But very friendly guy.

Always a favorite Zuke-Makuro (soy sauce soaked tuna).

Night ended with a free glass of Sake courtesy of the 2 ladies sitting next to me... both Dentists having dinner on a Saturday night.  Yup, you'll always meet interesting people at the sushi counter.

For Shop Details goto my previous post!

OIZUMI GAKUEN: Maru-Tatsu (REVISITED)... inexpensive with generous sizes! Worth the visit.

Arrived at a very very early 5pm for some great Sushi... this shop is backed by a fish wholesaling company so prices are incredibly reasonable and fish so amazingly fresh...

We walked into the Tencho (Head Sushi Chef) preparing 3 large baskets of sushi for a year end party going on upstairs.

First the Otoshi... comes automatically when you order alcohol.  

The boss-man...  

Only 50yen for this... kobiko.

Chu-Toro 270yen.

Maguro 130yen.

Crab 110yen.

Hot Ichi-Go Nihon-Shu (One Bottle) 270yen... good for about 4-5 mini cups.

Seaweed soup~...

Our neighbors who spoke great English asked me if I wanted to take a pic of his fish :).

Mari spotted this moving Abelone (in Japanese Awabi)... got a nudge to start taking pics or a video.

Our Tuna-Cheek... took about 30minutes to bake over the grill and only 680yen!

We also talked to 3 people in the far end of the counter...  one of them was a Japanese gentleman in his 50's with a PHD from UC Berkeley... In Japan you never really know who's sitting next to you in a friendly sushi counter environment.

All seats provide a great view of the sushi chefs at work.

Mari's been camera shy lately but a quick iPhone pic... will be back again.

Ask for a free "Agari" as with all sushi shops and you'll get a nice hot cup of green tea!

Its been 6 months since but my last visit but I'll be back again in 2012!

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