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Saturday, November 25, 2017

KICHIJOJI: La Befana Pizzeria for a lovely birthday dinner... little did I know this company also owns Jackpot.

If you want to live in a town with endless restaurants than there is no better place than Kichijoji.  Friend reserved La Befana for a bday dinner.

I'm totally a beer guy but when I dine with this group of wine lovers I get a little bit of everything.  The red was organic wine Bricco Al Sole - SYRAH TERRE SICILIANE was soooo mellow... even fully enjoyed by this non wine drinker.

One of the highlights was the lamb chop... oooohhh not too lamby and so tender.

Penne Arrabiata always a hit with me...  very flavorful but avoid eating the red peppers!

Very creamy pasta with scallops... yum!

The cake we bought at Fujiya.  There is a 1,500 yen cake charge if you bring sweets in from outside.  Might be advisable to call the restaurant in advance to have them prepare a bday dessert plate.

Super friendly staff and great food... can't go wrong.  Now for the Jackpot reference.  Back in the day before all these great beer deals started to pop-up I often went to Jackpot Izakaya in Ebisu for their 2 hour 1,000 yen all you can drink menu.  Anyways seems this restaurant company has many themed restaurants and this is one of them.

Restaurant: La Befana Italian Restaurant
Address J: 東京都武蔵野市吉祥寺南町1-10-11
Address E: Tokyo, Musashino, Kichijoji, Minamicho 1-10-11

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KICHIJOJI: Fujiya Cake Shop for pastries and most important Birthday Cakes!

When lost in Tokyo in search for a Bday cake you can either try one of my favorites Baskin Robbins or hunt for a Fujiya store.

Brand icon is Peko-chan...

Japanese love strawberry vanilla cakes but we went for the chocolate mousse cake for only 1,200 yen.

Overall the group of bday diners probably didn't know how inexpensive this cake was and everyone enjoyed it... 

Shop: Fujiya Kichijoji Branch
Address J: 東京都武蔵野市吉祥寺本町1-1-3
Address E: Tokyo Musashino, Kichijoji, Honmachi 1-1-3

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Friday, November 24, 2017

GAIENMAE: Thai style food truck... ordered the Gapao but it wasn't so good here.

Love food trucks but they are hidden around the office neighborhood so I rarely go searching for them... 

Free toppings! I noticed the huge jar of Nikuno-Hanamasa branded Kimchee... Hanamasa sells in large volumes mostly catering to restaurants and I lived near one once.  The Kimchee is from China... but was flavorful.

You can have free rice upgrades...  white rice or barley rice.

A messy mess... does this look like Gapao?  Not to meeeeee...  Flavor was nice but not quite what I imagined.

Nearby is a large food court festival.... 

Matsuzaka Gyu looked nice.

Many different types of foods from all around Japan.