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Thursday, April 22, 2010

SHINJUKU: Champuru-Tei Okinawan Lunch

This lured me in... "Higawari Special" for 680yen... the volume!
But it had been a while since I had some Okinawan soba.

So many lunch choices.

My 680yen daily lunch special.  Hamburger topped with cheese and egg, Okinawa Soba and Rice set.

Rice was flavored... not normal Japanese white rice.

Don't forget to add a little Awamori Spice to your Soba.

Overall a comfy place with counter seating but the smell of cooking oil was rather strong.
Think I left smelling like the kitchen.  But a great alternative to Ramen.

Restaurant: Okinawa Shokudo Chanpuru-Tei Shinjuku-Shop
Address Japanese: 東京都新宿区西新宿7-9-15
Address English: Tokyo-to, Shinjuku-ku, Nishi-Shinjuku 7-9-15

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OMOTESANDO: IL PACIOCCONE (Again!) 1,000yen Italian Lunch!

The waiter told us that they will start 1,000yen Sunday Lunch service! Check out my previous REVIEW

Daily Lunch Specials.  There is also a set menu. (Click to enlarge pic).

Started with some home braked bread.  Chewy with hints of salt pieces on top.

Mari's raw beef calpaccio with parmesan cheese.

PIZZA GIORNO (Salciocia e "Nanohana" Pizza Bianca).

Flavorful olive oil for the pizza.

Thick pudding dessert.  Very tasty.

1,000yen lunch ends with a Choice of drinks (Coffee, Tea etc).

If you like it quiet I recommend getting there at or a tad before 2pm.  Good time for families.

FOR LOCATION DETAILS Check out my previous entry:

JIMBOCHO SUIDOBASHI: Standing Bar "Ukemochi"

Was in the area and checked out Jimbocho/Suidobashi's #1 Foodie ( ranked standing bar.

All drinks and food... all 300yen.  Pay as you go.

Nice selection of Sake.  Chef will give you a cup and just fill away.

Arrived at 10pm so missed out on most of the daily specials.  
Most food geared toward alcohol... nothing heavy just light salty/flavorful items.

Just one guy behind the counter.  Pouring Nihon-shu~.

Best thing about standing bars... great chance to meet some nice people.
Last time we met a president of a publishing company... you never know.

The Chef.

Make sure this is your 2nd spot (Nijikai) or arrive early...otherwise you may leave hungry.

Random iPhone video...

RESTAURANT: Tachinomi (Standing Bar) Ukemochi
LOCATION: Between Suidobashi and Jimbocho Station.
Shop Website:
Address: 東京都千代田区三崎町2-15-2

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Monday, April 12, 2010

GAIENMAE (SHIBUYA Closed): Goro's Burger

My favorite Burger Joint in Tokyo after The Great Burger ... love both.

Cold Beers... always Oishii.

One Avocado Cheese Burger and a Goro's Original Burger.

These Burgers were so tall~... perfectly stacked and juicy.

Come with a few french fries and pickles.

I'm not in Shibuya often enough to have Goro's but its well worth the trip.
There is indoor and terrace seating... perfect for the Spring.

*** UPDATE ***

Try their sister shop in AOYAMA

SHIBUYA: Friday's RED (TGIF Family)

Friday's RED in Shibuya... young crowd (university students are main), young music.
This post is a backnumber we were there last summer.

Check out the MENU:

Vegetable Crudite with Bonyacalda or Blue Cheese Dip: 580yen.

Its so hard to find any fancy rolls in Tokyo~.  Had to order this.
But if you want some great rolls hit up Rainbow Sushi Roll in Azabu Juban.

One step down.

LOCATION: Shibuya (Walk along the right side of Shibuya109, will be across/between the big Yamada-Labi Electronics Store and Citibank Shibuya Branch). 
Address J:  東京都渋谷区宇田川町28-3 渋谷A2ビル B1F
Address E:   Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Udagawa-cho 28-3

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YOKOHAMA: Leonard's Malasada Hawaiian donuts!!

If you ever goto Hawaii there are a few things you just can't miss.  Kahuku shrimp near the North Shore (I love ROMY's),  Rainbows Drive-Inn for some huge plate lunches, Side Street Inn for some very local food (will see very few tourists and lots of locals here) and of course Leonard's Bakery for their amazing chewy Malasada's.

Only 2 choices, CINNAMON or SUGAR... price is 150yen about 2x Hawaii but just as good.
I think here is a limit of 12 Malasada's per customer.

Picked up one Sugar and one Cinnamon.
If you don't know what a Malasada is click here!!

So warm and chewy.  Sooooo gooooood~.  They make limited numbers at a time so its always Hot.

Plenty of seating.

LOCATION: Yokohama World Porters Shopping Mall (Next to the Giant Ferris Wheel).
Nearest Station: Minato Mirai
Shopping Center Website ENGLISH:
Official Hawaii Website:
Address J: 神奈川県横浜市中区新港2-2-1 横浜ワールドポーターズ 1F

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