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Monday, May 31, 2010

ASAGAYA: Ramen Cique. 3.97 rating on Tabelog! Very high~

I like Ramen but don't suggest randomly going into any spot.  Its always best to see how high foodies scored the shop on Tabelog.  Anything restaurant ranked above 3.75 is going to be good... and Ramen Cique at 3.97, I couldn't go wrong!

If you don't know Japanese Hiragana/Katagana then always push the upper left corner button on the automatic ramen ticket dispenser.  Its usually the least expensive but best of all the most recommended ramen in the shop.  Shio ramen (700yen) was on upper left corner but I like Miso so gave it a try (750 yen) plus one seasoned egg (100yen).  

Only 6 counter seats and 1 ramen chef.

Chef behind the counter.  Shop had a great mix of Jazzy and 80's tunes.

A little garlic, yuzu (green) and red pepper.

Ramen was very good. Had a lightly smelly Tonkotsu flavor that was a bit addictive.  The charshu was so melty tender. There was an even mix of men and women in the shop, mostly in their 20's.  

About a 10 minute walk from the station but well worth it!

Location: Asagaya Station (only 9 min from Shinjuku on Chuou Line)
Address J: 東京都杉並区阿佐谷南3-10-8
Address E: Tokyo, Suginami-ku , Asagaya Minami 3-10-8

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

NAKAMEGURO: Beef Kitchen 1,000yen Yakiniku Lunch

Yakiniku Lunch in Nakameguro. Checked out Tabelog and this spot was highly ranked.

There's the 1,000yen Yakiniku Lunch Set or the 1,800yen Super Yakiniku Set.

Went for two 1,000yen lunch sets.  The atmosphere was clean and comfy. Staff in their 20's and friendly.

Pork, Kalbi and Tender Ross Beef (they suggest to eat it raw, veeeery tender).
You can get second helpings of rice and seaweed soup for free.

Don't cook this for more than 10 seconds. Slightly raw is best!

Located in B1.  Can't miss the red "Beef Kitchen" Sign.

SHOP: Beef Kitchen
LOCATION: Nakameguro
Address J: 東京都目黒区上目黒2-44-8  ロッカーサ上目黒B1F
Address E: Tokyo, Meguro-ku, Kami Meguro 2-44-8

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SHIBUYA: (CLOSED) Pancakes with a twist at JOYTIME

You just can't get pancakes this good anywhere in Tokyo... and prices are just too reasonable.
Starts at 180yen...but more details in my previous post:

Anyways I ordered Pancakes, Egg and Bacon for 290yen... but didn't know it would arrive in Sandwich form. Spread my butter, added some syrup... this was good! A must try pancake sandwich.

For an additional 100yen you can add a drink to your order.
They have Florida's Natural Orange Juice too!

Interior was a bit Italian themed but no pasta to be found.

Monday, May 3, 2010

EBISU: "Ebisu Yakitori" Cozy spot with very friendly staff.

I tend not to wander into shops randomly because it can be so hit and miss.  Plan was to check out something light in Ebisu so referred to my favorite Japanese foodie site for a little help.  There was a listing for a Yakitori spot with very few pics or comments... hmm... might as well.

Down one of the few little side streets in Ebisu.  You can find Gyukaku, Sundubu spot, Chinese, cozy bar perfect for a date and a few other things.

Premium Malts Draft/Highball/Shochu/Whiskey 500yen, Glass wine/Sour/ 450.

Yakitori prices very reasonable with bulk in 120-180yen range.
No English Menu so might need to brush up on your Hiragana but you can always ask for "Osusume" (shop recommendations) and the friendly chef will bring out some tasty sticks.

Mark your order on this tiny sheet. 

You can't go wrong with any of the chicken selections.  I suggest trying the "Bon-jiri" thats soft and very tasty... Mari said its "Chicken Butt".  Also liked the "Seh-seh-li Oumay-Niku" that was wrapped in a green leaf and topped with umeboshi (sour plum).  And if you like pork the 120yen "Buta-Bala" was excellent.

If you need a little spice just add a tad of this red stuff.

Spent under 4,000yen for 3 drinks and tasty chicken.  Can't beat that in Tokyo.

The Chicken Chef... very friendly guy.

We'll be back with friends soon.

Location: EBISU Station (about a 3-4min walk).
Address J: 東京都渋谷区恵比寿南2丁目1-1
Address E:  Tokyo, Shibuya-kku, Ebisu Minami 2-1-1

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WAIT!  Need a place to go after a great dinner at Yakitori?  Check out British Pub a few minutes away.  MINX was playing this night.  Map -->