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Sunday, March 31, 2019

NARITA AIRPORT: JAL Sakura Lounge... terrific Japanese curry and they had guacamole!! Plus awesome private showers.

Never did I consider getting a jumping onto a mileage program to enjoy these lounges but I had no idea what I was missing... entered as a +1 with my colleagues Sakura membership.

Didn't realize but I was staring at my plane to LAX.

Of course start with free champagne and an automatic beer server.

Curry and Nachos!  

OMG! This curry was fantastic.. perfectly thick and sooo flavorful as if it was stewed for hours.

Of course 2nds on the curry rice.

Little Taiyaki's also available. 

Went straight from work to the airport and hella yeah I'm definitely going to jump in the free private shower!  

This Shiseido shampoo and rise was soooo silky smooth! 

All these free liquors... should have brought along my Hydroflask!

My fav.. JAL Skytime Kiwi drink.

Tempted to drink the free Okinawan awamori but I'm not much of a fan to get drunk prior to or during a flight... lots of my Japanese colleagues drink heavily during travel but thats not for me.

This is a view from my flight gate but were were sitting right at that counter window.

The wonders of JAL Lounge! Why on earth did I sign up for a Starbucks Visa and get $500 in Starbucks dollars over 10 years when I could have done this.  Mileage you all!!!

ROPPONGI: Wendys First Kitchen for a Roppongi Bacon Egg Burger! Tiny but hit the spot.

Yup of course it was Groupon again but this time I tried the Roppongi Egg Bacon Burger set! 780 yen discounted to 490 yen!

So many different self serve sauces to choose from... got a bit of everything.

Spacious counter seating with outlets for laptops etc.

Burger was quite small and the square patty reminded me of White Castle. 

Overall the small burger did hit the spot as I didn't want to get too full. Always a fan of egg in my burgers... if in the area and need a spot to chill for a bit this Wendys right on Roppongi Crossing is a nice spot.  Saw alot of young ladies killing a bit of time here. 

Restaurant: Wendys First Kitchen Roppongi Branch
Address J: 東京都港区六本木7-14-11
Address E: Tokyo, Minato-ku, Roppongi 7-14-11

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