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Friday, August 6, 2021

ROPPONGI: Hobglobin British Pub for company Nijikai... such cozy interior with carpet! (Sony RX100)

I have not been to a bar in Roppongi since January 2020... its been forever!

3 hour all you can drink... last call for alcohol at 2.5 hours.

This pub is soooo cozy!  Low lighting, Tokyo 2020 Olympic games on the TVs, fully carpeted and loved the booths lining the wall. 

Our finger foods... Just realized this must have been the fried fish! UGH! Didnt eat it. 

Nicely charred ribs... or a bit burnt.

Pulled pork sandwiches. 


French fry mish mash... wasnt too sure what to make of this. 

I`m a huge fan of ribs... but this was a bit too on the charred side.  It was just so burnt.... so sad.

Cozy carpet... so nice. Japan just doesnt do carpet. 

Free darts! Very generous. AND! Its not that electric stuff you see so often. Real cork and steel darts. 

Staff was super attentive, all you can drink menu had a nice variety but overall this pub is sooooo relaxing. Hope to go again after I get vaccinated. 

Restaurant:  Hobglobin Roppongi British Pub
Address J: 東京都港区六本木3-16-33 青葉六本木ビル 1F
Address E: Tokyo, Minato-ku, Roppongi 3-16-33
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TOCHOMAE: Hilton Tokyo Dynasty facility catered company lunch gathering. The wagyu was simply stunning! (Sony RX100)

Had a final company lunch to close out our Tokyo 2020 Olympic project and say farewell to expats and most of the staff.  Hilton sure does catering Extremely well! 

Company reserved the Dynasty Restaurant facility.

The light appetizers.  Can`t beat prosciutto and cheese! 

Head of the firm flew in from the UK.

Now for the main event! Chef slices the incredibly marbled tender wagyu.

Wagyu topped with onion sauce.

Chunk of tender beef on a bed of mashed potatoes. 

I can never recall the name of this fish but a piece about this size is normally around 800 yen at the Depachika (underground food courts).  Has such a delicate sweetness to it. 

I have never seen a place put utensils in a chinese takeaway box of rice.  Don`t think this is quite Coronavirus friendly as you had to keep pulling out each one to find what you needed.  

Tiny bbq pulled pork sliders.  Such a rare spotting in Tokyo... who doenst love pulled pork!

4 types of desserts.  


Employees all masked up. 

What! Another chef came out with a few more blocks of wagyu.  So hesitant to get another plate but my Japanese colleague stepped up and I followed. 

OMG!  It was soooo tender and fatty. Stopped at 2 plates... dont want to get GOUT!

My absolute favorite tart dessert and had 3.  Kind of reminded me of pudding cake. 

The view.

If you need to reserve a spot for company gatherings you can`t go wrong with the Hilton Tokyo.  Lots of staff bringing trays of food around, great quality and selection.  Stay safe and vaccinated if possible you all.  2022 will be a better year and I hope to start to post regularly after the Emergency Order is lifted in Japan. 

Restaurant: Hilton Tokyo Dynasty
Address J: 東京都新宿区西新宿6-6-2 ヒルトン東京
Address E: Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku, Nishi Shinjuku 6-6-2, Hilton TOkyo 2F

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