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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

HIKARIGAOKA: Sushiro for their 300 yen honmaguro tuna combo deal! Limited time gotta gooo!! (SONY RX100M3)

Self serve green tea at your table.

Sushi menu is all in Japanese and didn't notice any foreign language options on the tablet menu.

This is what I'm here for!  Sushiro's summer special sushi combos!

If you order the 3 types of sushi separately it would come out to Otoro 300 yen, Chutoro 150 yen and Akami 100 yen.  So the 300 yen combo special wasn't too bad.

The honmaguro Otoro was so melty good! OMG!  I always goto Kappa 100 yen sushi near my home but the quality is so supermarket.  This is a competitor and the cuts of fish were soooo good.  Wow.

Took one shot with my Lumix GM1 20mm F1.7

Its interesting how your tablet orders arrive. Normally a tiny train will arrive on the top conveyor belt and then go back after you take away your plate.  But Sushiro only has 1 conveyor belt and it arrives in a plate holder that says customer order.  If you don't extend your hand then it will pass on by.

Yukke seasoned tuna on a bed of rice with a strip of seaweed on the outside.  Very tasty!

Thought it was unusual there was no mini shoyu plate in sight.  Asked the waitress and said I would have to use one of my sushi plates... hmm.  Had to finish one plate in order to do this as didn't want the soy sauce to drown my sushi rice.

Zukemaguro or seasoned tuna... ooohf. You can see the white strips in the tuna that are not bite-able. I just had one and left the other alone.  Rather mushy too. 

Next! 150 yen for 3 types of squid.  The white one on the right was rather normal and something I usually order but the other 2 was a bit suspect.  BUT all had a great texture and for 150 yen that was a deal!

The head and legs wasn't attached to the body of the sushi. 

Only 180 yen for the miso clam soup.

Free gari on the table to cleanse your pallet between sushi's 

One final yukke tuna topped with a bit of egg yolk... all done!

Damage came out to 950 yen.

Huge parking lot only in the burbs.

Hands down the quality was sooo much better than my neighborhood Kappa Sushi!  If you want to goto a merry-go-round sushi franchise then you gotta hit up Sushiro!  Just be aware that I didn't see any English menu's but it might be fun to try and navigate the tablet ordering system.  

Restaurant: Sushiro Hikarigaoka Branch
Address J: 〒179-0075 東京都練馬区高松4-4-43 パピヨン・ドルメ-ルⅡ 2F
Address E: Tokyo, Nerima-ku, Takamatsu 4-4-43

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SHIBUYA: Kaithong Tokyo for all you can eat Pakuchi (Coriander)! And of course their yum Khao man gai (ข้าวมันไก่). (Sony RX100)

After my haircut in Omotesando I took the 30 minute walk to Shibuya for a tasty Khao Man Gai lunch.

I loooove hainanese chicken rice but rarely get a chance to eat it as its quite difficult to find any Singaporean restaurants in Tokyo.  Ordered the Khao Man Gai with large portion of rice (plus 50 yen) and substituted my clear chicken broth soup for that with bones and bits of chicken.

By chicken bone soup!  All kinds of parts in here.

All you can eat Pakuchi and spicy chili sauce.

Here we go!  The rice was so flavorful.

Bones bones bones... but there are edible pieces of chicken on here, you just gotta suck on them.

Found the chicken to be a bit dry.  Oh well.

On the BGM!  London Calling by The Clash, Live Forever by Oasis... 

I tried to snap a discreet shot with my Nikon D7100 but the focus was so slow... the chef turned around when the focus finally fixed. Its the 2nd time this has happened... he sure is aware of his surroundings.  Should have stuck to my RX100 or the lightning quick Canon s120.

Pour some of the spicy sauce on the pakuchi for a bit of salad.

Overall I really like the food here, the atmosphere is so cozy simple and if in Shibuya you gotta go!  I wonder how much this would cost in Thailand?

Today's super car spotting... Lamborghini Huracan. 

 Restaurant: Kaithong TOKYO
Tabelog Foodie:
Address J: 東京都渋谷区渋谷3-15-2
Address E: Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Shibuya 3-15-2

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