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Thursday, September 30, 2021

OKINAWA NAHA: Got Beef? Yappari Steak 4th jumps from 150 grams to a whopping 200 grams! Still 1,000 yen! (Sony RX100)

Okinawa in September 2021 was soooo desolate... Naha shopping district all but a ghost town.

One of the biggest selling points for Yappari steak was their generous 180 gram steak for only 1,000 yen.  Then due to Coronavirus and their distribution channels that fell to 150 grams...  BUT! As of September 1st 2021 it jumped to whopping 200 grams!  oh my. 

All meals come with an all you can eat mini salad, soup and rice bar!

Lots of salad dressings. 

My fav!  This purple looking rice.

Hidden beneath this kitchen paper is a block of lean beef!

My view... just one other diner. 

Allister - Haley on the BGM.... am I in a Hollister or Abercrombie store?

It took me forever to finish this block of beef... but the heated stone plate stayed consistently hot to grill this rarity of a rare steak!  Not a fan of super rare.  As for the texture it was just meaty... not melty tender but then again you can pay a bit more for other grades of beef here. 

Overall Yappari Steak always hits the spot with their budget high cost performance meals.  If in Okinawa definitely give the 200 gram 1,000 yen monster a try! Super family friendly too with all the spacious booths.  

Restaurant: Yappari Steak 4th Kokusai-Dori
Address J: 沖縄県那覇市牧志3-12-4 高泉ビル 2F
Address E: Okinawa, Naha, Makishi, 3-12-4
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Friday, September 24, 2021

OKINAWA HAEBARU: Rico Chicken! A bit away from touristy Naha and rotisserie garlic chicken loved by locals! (Sony RX100)

When in Okinawa you MUST seek out a rotisserie garlic chicken spot!  Half a chicken runs 800 yen and a whole 1600 yen.  This day my local Okinawan friend says he only goes to Rico Chicken monthly. My first try!

The chef was swamped with walk-in and phone orders.  

What a friendly chicken bag.

Now time to eat in my friends driveway... Hydroflask and Orion beer ready!

In the distance... 

Rainbow spotting!  But in about 15 minutes the huge Typhoon 14 started drenching this town.

Visually it looked much like any other Bueno Chicken style rotisserie but what I noticed most that it really lacked the huge volume of garlic topping that I totally enjoyed at Bueno Okinawa GO Chicken.

Some parts were tender, other juicy... but with so little garlic it kinda lacked that kick.  I`m definitely  still a fan of BUENO Okinawa GO (Garlic Onion) Chicken in Naha that's run by a super nice youth Karate instructor. 
Leave you with an Okinawa sunset view from Yaese town.

Restaurant: Rico Chicken
Address J: 沖縄県島尻郡南風原町兼城564
Address E: 564 Kanegusuku, Haebaru, Shimajiri District, Okinawa 901-1111
リィコーチキン, 中南米料理, 鳥料理, 鶏の丸焼き専門店, ニンニク, 首里駅, Japan, Japanese, chicken, yakitori, sony rx100, foodie, yelp, lunch, dinner, take out, tokyobelly, oki, naha, haebaru, cheap, 

OKINAWA ONNA: 808 Poke Bowls Okinawa is SOOOO AUTHENTIC Hawaiian Poke!! Back to da kine! (Sony RX100, a57, K3)

As much as Sushi and Sashimi is to die for in Japan this country just doesn`t do authentic Hawaiian Poke... and Japanese love to visit Hawaii too!!!

So my random search of Japan and Hawaii poke landed me at 808 Poke Bowls of all the places... Da Island of Okinawa in a very very far drive to Onna Town to visit 808 Poke Bowl!  Dang... round trip almost 2 hours.

Due to Coronavirus they don't offer sit in dining.

Da owner Koji... staff of 3 plus him. Way to busy with walk ins, phone orders, Facebook orders etc to even look up and Crack a smile. 

Free lemon water!

From start to finish this place was INCREDIBLY busy!  

WOW! 23? Michael Jordan brah!

Gift area.

Short boards.

My Okinawan friend just went with the Spicy Poke but it was crazy hot!  If you are a newbie please dont order this... he couldnt finish this.  I:m sure the next day he got diahrrea. 

I went for the spicy and Hawaiian combo... WOW!  This tasted just like what I always order at ONO SEAFOOD in Hawaii.  Yeah, the one on Kapahulu Avenue. 

Someone has go great handwriting.

Maguro was sooo fresh!  Nice texture!!

White rice or 16 grain rice for the same price?  Dude Im gonna get the one that cost more!  Great texture with different kinds of rice grains.  YUM!!  There are 2 parking lots a slight walk away. 

Dang! Back in Tokyo and craving more poke!  UGH. 

Restaurant:  808 Poke Bowls Okinawa
Address J: 沖縄県国頭郡恩納村字恩納2326-1
Address E: Okinawa, Kunigami-gun, Onna Mura 2326-1
エイトゼロエイト ポケボウルズ オキナワ , ハワイ料理, アサイーボウル, 沖縄, ハワイアンポキ専門店, Japan, Japanese, foodie, yelp, tokyobelly, sony rx100, Sony a57, lunch, dinner, hawaii, poke, pocky, sashimi, sushi, fresh fish, local, grindz, ono loa, Okinawa, seafood, aloha, Pentax K3