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Friday, December 6, 2013

NARITA: NRT --> HNL Delta Airlines 618 Business Elite... a rainbow of flavors~

I sat down and immediately this potent mai tai appeared... had a punch.

So much food... wow.

The Settling in Appetizer and an ice cold Asahi.

Very nice selection of wines.

I went with the Japanese course menu.  So many tiny items and each with a very unique flavor.  So flavorful it was almost overwhelming... a bit of French in the mix?

Almost caviar?

Scallop, duck, veggies with sweet spicy mustard...

Complementary Godiva Chocolate gift card... I'll be there.

Wide range of free beverages... should have tried the Guava Nectar.

The main meal... white fish so tender.

Ice cold vanilla ice cream with your choice of toppings... Fudge and peanuts for me.

Arrival Breakfast...

...with a choice of this or cereal.

My flight left at 8pm... 7 hours... landed at 8am... the worst thing about Business Class?  Food just keeps coming out, the flight is just to short to justify sleeping because of all the great movies/comforts and you arrive in Honolulu with zero sleep.  It was a lucky upgrade for me but I think I would have been much more rested and hungry for a Hawaiian breakfast if I stuck to economy. 

Oh, the service was very friendly and the stewardess Jerome who handled my row was to cool.

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

SHIODOME: Drunk Bears Pub... a watering hole for CLSA equity research and sales~

CLSA has Drunk Bears, JPMorgan has PCM, Deutsche Bank PCA, Mizuho/UBS Drunk Bears in Otemachi and I'm too out of the loop to name the rest... but bankers usually start drinking very near the office before heading out. 

Avocado Nachos... always a favorite.

Fish and chips


This place serves some monster Hoegaarden glasses... This spot is in the same building as the Conrad Hotel and Softbank Headquarters so if you are staying at the Park Hotel Shiodome its just a block away.  Great spot for a few beers in a very quiet office district on the Oedo Line.

Restaurant: Drunk Bears Pub
Address J: 東京都港区東新橋1-9-1 ペディ汐留 2F
Address E: Tokyo, Minato-ku, Shimbashi 1-9-1, Pedi Shiodome 2F

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FUTAGOTAMAGAWA: When out of choices hit up Shouya Izakaya... franchise spot by the river.

When at a loss Japanese franchise Izakaya's are an easy choice... lots of small items and most everything is pictured.  The Huge Menu:

Lots of space and family friendly.

Beer, friends and family... can't go wrong.  

Don't forget to catch the annual summer Tamagawa River Fireworks show:

Restaurant: Shouya Izakaya Futagotamagawa Branch
Address J: 東京都世田谷区玉川3-10-11 ジ・エイベックスビルディング地下1階
Address E: Tokyo, Setagaya-ku, Tamagawa 3-10-11

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