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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

KICHIJOJI: Kappa Yakiton... all 100yen... friendly counter only seating with view of the chef!

This tiny place has been around for years... walked by and it was packed with a nice balance of men and women.  Headed back at 9:45pm and got a friendly welcome from the staff.

All items are 100yen and all pig parts

Just a few salarymen left just before they closed.

Only 1 kind of bottled beer... think it was Kirin.

The sticks are quite tiny and just average... but don't think people stay here very long.  Oh the more popular items sell out so best to go a little early.

My pilot friend pointed out that he makes all the yakitori on this single tiny grill... must have a great turnover at this amazing location near the station.

Pic of a post that heats up sake called "atsukan."

When closing time comes around they bring this long noren into the restaurant.
Waitress kept asking us how to pronounce words in English like tomato, Lady Gaga, McDonalds... nice folks.

Restaurant: Kappa Yakitori
Address J: 東京都武蔵野市吉祥寺南町1-5-9
Address E: Tokyo, Musashino-shi, Kichijoji, Minamicho 1-5--9

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Sunday, May 22, 2016

EBISU: Ebisu Yokocho Standing Oyster Bar... dude... everyone is so SUPER friendly and 80% ladies :)

Buddy and I were going to try a Raw Beef Sushi spot with a high ranking on Japans Foodie site Tabelog but it was sooooo full so we just dropped by the Oyster bar just a step away.

We were standing right next to these 4 ladies... started to chat and they were all Bilingual!  3 studied in New Zealand and one in Orlando Florida.

Also met a great married couple on a date... 2 children but still makes time for date night.  Awesome!

Free wine shots when you enter.... sorry not tequila.

Lots of fresh oysters!

I'm more of a fried oyster guy or semi baked guy.

The absolute best thing about this place is... soooo super friendly customers, And honestly as a single guy in Tokyo... so many friendly pretty ladies. Wow... think I found my new spot.

Restaurant: 牡蠣とシャンパン 牡蠣ベロ
Address J: 東京都渋谷区恵比寿1-7-10 ハイライフ恵比寿 1F
Address E: Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Ebisu 1-7-10

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ROPPONGI: Sushi Zanmai Revisited... no Lady Gaga spotting. All about the Maguro - Tuna on a Sunday night

My favorite sushi spot Gatten Sushi was closed on Sunday! So headed over to Sushi Zanmai.

Its been a while since Lady Gaga has visited Japan but this spot is famous for her sushi sightings.

15 year anniversary special items.

Very quiet Sunday around 9pm.

Automatic appetizer... Otoshi.

Yeah, just the Akami (Tuna / Maguro) to start.

You can always ask for extra wasabi "Wasabi Kudasai."

Red Tuna.. in Japanese "Akami" is 158yen per piece.... 

Nice close to the weekend... 

My chef for this evening.

Bottled beer 500yen... draft 450yen.  

Restaurant; Sushi Zanmai Roppongi Hayuzamae Branch
Sushizanmai Website:
Tabelog Foodie website:
Address J: 東京都港区六本木3-10-9 三経28ビル
Address E: Tokyo, Minato-ku, Roppongi 3-10-9

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