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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

JINBOCHO: Ramen Jiro... a full course fulfilling monster of a Ramen! Sooo Good!!

Finally thought I'd give Ramen Jiro in Jinbocho a try... the lines are always 30 deep and extends to the end of the block. But this day the line was only 15 deep... was it my timing?  Then I heard a few salarymen talking about how short the line was and they didn't notice any University students here... thats right! Its summer vacation.  Lucky me.

When you are near the door the staff will ask you what you want.  Just say "Sho" which is a small ramen thats 650yen.  But don't let this "small" fool ya... its massive!

650yen for Ramen, 750yen for a little pork and 850yen for double pork.  Not to worry the 650 yen had 2 huge chunks of charsui pork too.

Place the little blue tab on the counter when its your turn to sit.  Counter only has about 10 seats so if you go in a group you will be seated randomly in the open spots.  When you ramen is almost ready to serve he will ask you if you want "Nin-niku" (Garlic), say "Onegaishimasu" or "Hai" for Garlic or "Nin-niku Nashi" (for no garlic).

This this was massive... all this for only 650yen?!  And whats holding up the bean sprouts isn't more bean sprouts under the soup but a massive portion of thick chewy ramen noodles!  The soup is very thick and oily but clings onto the ramen so well that there is no need to drink the soup separately...  One bite and I was soooo hooked... never have I had ramen this amazing, yup amazing before.  The flavor was so rich and tasty... 

The 2 pieces of Charsui were not the usual thin slices you see at any other ramen shop in Tokyo... These were 2 huge blocks of meat and sooooo tender!  Wow...

Thick and chewy noodles... extremely filling.  

All I can say is that this ramen is as satisfying as a full course meal... never was I so fully content and for 650yen it just added a bit more... only 2 guys run this shop and you know there is some pride in the noodles that could easily command 900+ yen.  But if you go during the summer pls be prepared to sweat inside, the A/C is a bit weak.   Anyways, if you just needed to eat Ramen at one place in Tokyo this is THE place to go.

Shop: Ramen Jiro Jimbocho Branch
Hours: Mon-Sat 11-2pm and 6-9pm. Weds/Sat afternoons closed.
Address J: 東京都千代田区神田神保町2-4-11
Address E: Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku, Kanda, Jimbocho 2-4-11

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  1. thanks for the review, we;ll use this for our tokyo trip next mth. how fast was the line?