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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

IKEBUKURO: East Village Original Hamburger... had high hopes but was a miss.

What dazzled me was this picture of this Avocado Guacamole hamburger on my favorite foodie ranking website.  Just had to go...

The Lunch menu was an absolute maze... the cashier had to let me know which direction all the way thru the entire process... must have been loonie artist in the family that decided to do this.  I ended up with a burger, avocado topping, fries and ice tea.  Oh you have a selection of Ketchup, Teriyaki Sauce or Jamaican Sauce.

There are 6 counter seats facing the window and one tiny table for 2.  

Fries reminded me of McD's... nothing special here.

Sat in the only table for 2.

There it is.. 1,200yen Avocado Burger with Jamaican dressing.  Jamaican Jamaican this sounded unique and I was sooo looking forward to the flavor... could it be like Jerk Chicken?  One bite... hmm... two... hmm... this was simply spicy Teriyaki sauce.  The sauce was so overbearing that I couldn't taste the beef.  Could have gone for McD's 100yen Teriyaki McPork for this flavor.  

The beef was on the medium rare side which I don't usually see in Tokyo.

This was a nice touch... small sink on the 2nd floor for sticky fingers. 

Overall the burger is not worth going for a second time but hands down there was one silver lining at East Village... the service.  The cashier was super friendly and all smiles when she brought up the burger to the 2nd floor sitting area.

Walk between KFC and JTB Travel and you won't miss the shop.  I guess if you are craving home made burgers in Ikebukuro then you should give this place a shot.   But... I won't be back for a 2nd time.  Oh its steps from Sunshine City.

Shop: East Village Original Hamburger
Location: Ikebukuro Station
Address J: 東京都豊島区東池袋1-13-1
Address E: Tokyo, Toshima-ku, Higashi Ikebukuro 1-13-1

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