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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

AKIHABARA: Siddique Akiba Shop.... Thai Curry, Viet Pho and Indian!?

An off day wandering Akihabara for a bit of lunch and noticed a sign for 500yen Vietnamese Pho... hmm... I've recently been hooked on Pho24 and the craving kicked in.  BUTT... this is the most common Indian Curry chain in Tokyo (you can read my Chicken Skin Curry experience here). 

What caught my eye at the entrance was their one coin 500yen Pho... So had to give it a try.  Menu included Vietnamese and Thai foods.

My Chicken Pho arrived... hmm... very strong black pepper taste... got bored after a few bites but it was just weird eating Pho in an Indian restaurant.  I didn't finish this.  But if you are on a budget visiting Tokyo then this will definitely fill you up.

Friend went with the Gapao Rice... she couldn't finish it because it was extremely spicy.  The beef reminded me of the mushy stuff used in Taco-Bell... didn't really look like ground beef.  Think they heavily used red pepper for this... also odd eating Thai food at an Indian place.

Lunch menu comes with a salad with orange colored dressing... this shop isn't very clean and the 1st floor door is wide open so you sweat during your meal... and this salad, it just didn't seem very clean, like there were germs hidden inside ready to get you sick.  I may be wrong but cleanliness just didn't seem a part of this shops atmosphere.

Here is the Indian Curry menu and prominently on the very bottom is the famous 500yen soft mushy chicken skin curry (Tori-Gawa-Curry)!  Now if you visit any of the Siddique shops please try the chicken skin... its freaky but addictive.

Shop: Siddique Akiba Shop
Address J:  東京都千代田区外神田3-16-14
Address E:  Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku, SotoKanda 3-16-14

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