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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

IKEBUKURO: Bankara Ramen... insanely flavorful~

Another close to a night out in Ikebukuro so of course we had to close with Ramen... one of our friends had a foot injury and this was the closest spot~

There it is! Think my Bankara ramen was around 700-800yen... unsure as one buddy put 10,000yen into the machine and paid for all for of us.  

It was sooo incredibly flavorful... a bit overwhelming to close out the night but not so bad.

Ramen noodles had a nice tan discoloration to them... 

The tiny beats of tender meat

And lots of small cut pieces of negi?

My friends Tsukemen 1,010yen.

Long counter seating from door to door.

As you can see the soup is very rich and oily.  Wish I could finish more of the soup but it was just too heavy and maybe flavorfully salty?  Anyways its located near 麺創房無敵家 Mutekiya Ramen that is always filled with so many tourists from all over Asia.  It was our first choice but even at 11:30pm the line was so long.

Restaurant: Bankara Ramen

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