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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

YUTENJI: M's Grill and Bar for a client Bonenkai (Year End Dinner) and this night Hokkaido King Crab!

And we are back over a year later!  With most of the same crew from our last adventure into this wonderful little tiny treasure of a restaurant in Yutenji!  One stop from Nakameguro.

This box might have been for our giant crab... says 3.4 kilograms of what?

Here it is! It arrived mid-way through dinner... didn't snap away until everyone had a few beers and wouldn't mind me and 2 camera.

Not much of a wine drinker but this Beaujolais was quite smooth.

Oh my goodness this crab was so good.... only have it once a few years.

Seafood curry with lots of spices... very very flavorful.

Grilled tender pork

Again not a wine guy but another super smooth wine... Clasico Valle Central.

Slices of melty grilled cheese... Gorgonzola flavor.

OMG.... Uni Pasta... even better when dipping toasted bread.

The chef said he was lucky to source a Hokkaido crab as most come from Russia... If you have a few bucks definitely call in advance for a crab dinner.   It most varies as to what the chef can find in Tsukiji fish market.

Restaurant: M's GRILL and BAR
Address J: 東京都目黒区祐天寺2-8-4
Address E: Tokyo, Meguro-ku. Yutenji 2-8-4

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Sunday, November 18, 2018

IKEBUKURO: 135 Bal for a full Thai Course and drinks for only 1,990 yen! Yeah I love Japan Groupon...

Good friend of mine was back from a 9 day business trip to Germany and had to meet up to get my chocolates and some Trader Joes Trek Mix that he brought back from Las Vegas.  

So when boys hang out we usually keep wallet friendly so of course scanned Groupon for a deal and BOOM full Thai course with all you can drink alcohol otherwise known as Nomihoudai. GET!

Loved this tom yum kung soup with 2 big shrimps.. 

Honestly food just kept coming out... this will totally stuff 2 guys and might be geared more towards 3 people.  Everything was pretty good.

The nomihoudai menu was vast... but mostly stuck to the no-calorie whisky hi-balls.

The staff here is all from Southeast Asia so Japanese was a bit limited... 

The normal Thai Menu... all pictured!  

There was an interesting mix of folks... girls, double dates, guys and a bunch of elderly folks were dining here too.  Think the price point is everybody friendly.

Do you see it... above the trash bag on the left.  Its some kind of Japanese figure right outside the restaurant entrance.... guess it was no longer needed.

Restaurant: 135 Bal
Address J: 東京都豊島区南池袋1-23-11 ブロンズビル B2F
Address E: Tokyo, Toshima-ku, Minami Ikebukuro 1-23-11

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