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Sunday, July 12, 2020

OKINAWA NAHA: Kamihara Parlour for super budget bento and local Okinawan food items!! (Sony RX100)

When I travel I always like to explore local supermarkets, food stands and little mom & pop restaurants... I was lucky to stumble upon a very busy Kamihara Palour bento shop!   Lots of old locals buying up little foodie items. 

Price point of the items I was looking at begins at only 50 yen!

Okinawans love tempura... squid (ika) and fish seemed to be the most popular.  50 yen!!

Went for a few ika and fish tempur plus a 300 yen Sri Lanka chicken  curry bento with some fried greens. Flavor was very light but it sure did hit the spot.

A photo from my second visit... items seem to be very consistent. 

Beautiful Alpha Romeo spotting! 

Shima-Rakkyo was only 250 yen a bag!  In Tokyo just a few pieces is around 500 yen at Okinawan restaurants.   Wish I bought a bag.  As for the location walk thru the long shopping mall on Kokusai Street and walk to the very very back!  Might take about 8-10 minutes.

Restaurant: Kamihara Parlour
Address J: 沖縄県那覇市松尾2-24-14
Address E: Okinawa, Naha, Matsuo 2-24-14

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Saturday, July 11, 2020

EKODA: Uogashi Sushi for a quick bite but the vibe was so strange here... No social distancing. (Sony RX100)

Saturday night and just wanted to have a quick bite at a neighborhood sushi spot... I tend to head to Nakano for my friendly favorite sushi bar but gotta support local too. 

I stepped in and the vibe was all off here... almost felt a bit of racial profiling that I haven't ever sensed during my years in Tokyo.  Maybe its due to the coronavirus.  Anyways I stepped in and they asked me to wait outside even though the restaurant only seemed about 1/3 full with most of the counter seating empty.

They sad me right next to a drunk guy at the counter who kept staring at me.

The otoshi.

Beer and otoshi (automatic appetizer thats usually around 300 yen) came out quick but then the chef just kinda ignored me.  Asked twice if I could order to which he said wait.  Rare to experience this degree of unfriendliness at a sushi spot. 

Went for my basic favorites... Maguro, Ama-Ebi and Ika.

This was pretty good!  Note they seem to add a higher portion of wasabi so if you would rather adjust it to your need then ask to remove the wasabi "wasabi-nuki" and get a pinch of it on your plate.

The Ika... shiny!

Amaebi was plump and good.

Of course rolls too. 

I was asked to sit at the end of the counter... as you can see customers plates were stacked up next to me and waiter taking orders kept rubbing up next to me to hand the orders to the sushi chef.  Everything here just seemed so off... 

Normally Ika is abot 100 yen a piece for here it was unusuall high at 360 yen.  It was so rubbery and I just couldn't bite into it... ended up swallowing one and not attempting to eat the 2nd one. 

Overall this place just gave off a really bad vibe.  Of the 4 sushi chefs two had their masks partially worn and one guy was coughing.  Never again.  

Restaurant: Uogashi Sushi
Address J: 東京都練馬区旭丘1-73-10
Address E: Tokyo, Nerima-ku, Asahigaoka 1-73-10

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OKINAWA URASOE: Bueno Chicken! Rotisserie chicken on a bed of chopped garlic... Tasty! (Sony RX100)

I mentioned to a Tokyo friend I was going to visit Okinawa for a few days and immediately she said goto Bueno Chicken!  I'm a huge fan of rotisserie chicken and even more for small locally owned businesses so it was on my list!  About a 30 minute bike ride from Naha Kokusai Street to Urasoe.

Due to Coronavirus they only allow one person to sit in the waiting area so couldn't get any shots of the kitchen.  There were 4 ladies waiting outside with me... popular with locals!

Chicken keeps spinning!

Interesting no-contact automatic payment system... almost looked like a printer.

1/2 a chicken for 850 yen and think a full bird was 1,700.

All that Garlic!  It wasn't tender and had a bit of a crunch to it... 

The tender juiciness varied from the different areas of the chicken but overall the flavor was mild and that might have been the aim as the garlic adds a nice punch.  Will probably try again on my next visit.

Plan was to bike ride to the pier and enjoy my chicken but that Okinawan sun is piercing... in just a few days I was all red and pealing.   Cat had the right idea... shade!

Restaurant: Bueno Chicken Urasoe
Address J: 沖縄県浦添市内間1-14-2
Address E: Okinawa, Urasoe-shi, Uchima 1-14-2

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