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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

OKINAWA NAHA: Kame Kame Soba... so many celebrity signatures on the wall! A very flavorful bowl of Okinawan Soba!! (Sony RX100)

The residential side streets in Okinawa are so interesting because you will find little hidden local restaurants and this day I stumbled upon Kame Kame Soba (turtle turtle noodles).  A  peek inside and it was rather spacious and bustling on a Saturday afternoon!

Little sign outside with a few main menu items in Japanese... don`t let this stop you!  English menu inside. 

When you see this cloth sign outside it means they are open... when its missing its closed. 

Bilingual push button vending machine... Soba noodles are nicely pictured. 

This was me!  Nankotsu (cartilage) Soba... super tender pork. A MUST!

Don`t see this often but its almost kind of similar to Vietnamese coriander topping but Okinawan style. FREE!

Self serve tea. 

L shaped seating for lone diners. 

This was a bit bitter. 

Soup has a great sweet flavor to it.  Noodles chewy and totally reminded me of Inaka Soba near Kokusai Street.

Super tender pork!  Just melts and the cartilage was soft... must have been stewed for hours. 

Add a bit of awamori sake seasoned with red hot chili peppers!  Nice spicy kick but the flavor will change slightly so I suggest eating 1/3 or 1/2 before adding the spice.

Unsure what this red paste is used for. 

Lots of table seating. 

I went back the next day.  Do you see what's missing? That red cloth sign... 

Closed for the new year holidays. 

There is free parking about a block away.

This is the parking spot.  This place seemed to be loved by locals and was just a very satisfying bowl of soba.  Staff very attentive and polite.  Will be back in 2021! 

Restaurant: Kame Kame Soba
Address J: 沖縄県那覇市若狹1-3-6 上江洲アパート 1F
Address E: Okinawa, Naha, Wakasa 1-3-6
亀かめそば, かめかめそば. 沖縄そば, ゆいレール美栄橋, 那覇空港, 県庁前駅, フーチバー, ソーキ, Japan, Japanese, Oki, yelp, tokyobelly, foodie, naha, sony rx100, sony 57, ryukyu, ramen, 

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