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Monday, December 28, 2020

OKINAWA NAHA: Jack`s Steak House or Jacky (in Japanese) recommended by a Skymark Airlines Pilot! Tacos!! (Sony RX100)


When in Okinawa Steak and Taco`s are a must but this night a friend who formerly was a pilot at Skymark Airlines suggested Jack`s Steak House!  Had to go!!

Arrived at 9:15pm (last order is at 9:30pm due to coronavirus / covid19) and it was a full house but with a short 10 minute wait.  

Just write your name on the waiting list. 

Was seated at 9:27pm.. just made last order for dinks and food. 

Gave me a Japanese English as I was chatting up the friendly waiter but they do also have English menu`s too. 

Sold out of the 200 gram 1600 yen steak... OK... next choice tacos!

When in Okinawa of course Orion Beer... but locals seem to love Asahi Beer. 

Jacks normally closes after midnight but until January 11th 2021 the Okinawan governor requested all restaurants close by 10pm. 

The staff was sanitizing all the tables so well.  

BOOM! 5 Tacos for 700 yen plus a container of spicy salsa sauce. 

If you love crispy tacos and cheddar cheese this is for you... so much cheese!  YUM!

The atmosphere, food and friendly service was spot on. 

Was all done by 10:02pm... 

If in Okinawa you just gotta go.  Super family friendly and the staff incredibly cool. 

Restaurant: Jack`s Steak House
Address J: 沖縄県那覇市西1-7-3
Address E: Okinawa, Naha, Nishi 1-7-3
ジャッキー ステーキハウス (JACK'S STEAK HOUSE), ステーキ, 定食, 食堂, 洋食, ゆいレール, 旭橋駅, サイコロステーキ, タコス, Japan, Japanese, Sony RX100, foodie, yelp, tokyobelly, oki, naha, okinawa, mexican, burrito, enchilada, taco, tacos, bbq, 

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