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Saturday, January 22, 2022

SAGINOMIYA: Daikichi Yakitori with fund yakitori toppings! Full of regulars chatting up the owner/chef. Brass cups for beer!! (Sony RX100)

I saw a TV program featuring Daikichi and how a young person can start a franchise with minimal investment. SO! Had to check one out to support local businesses.  This is the owner / chef that was chatting up nearly everyone here.. majority of diners this night were regulars. 

So many fun toppings!  Great variety compared to standard yakitori joints  No English in sight but might be fun just to point to random items on this picture menu. 

Wine, Nihonshu, shochu, umeshu... soft drinks 

Draft beer 470 and Bottled 580 yen 

Think this was some kind of stewed intestines... motsu nikomi?  Or may it was curry...

Yakitori was rather tiny but on the positive side you can enjoy alot of the menu. 

Todays recommeded items.  Potato salad, pork wieners, beef skewer and steak. 

This shiso-maki was sooo tasty.

Lack iron in my diet so tried some Liver.

Mushroom and Asparagus wrapped in bacon.  Tiny tiny.

There was one section for groups.  Most of the diners were sitting in the L shaped counter seats with a view of the chef at work. 

If you see this red square sign in Japan why not give it a try!  Overall it was a nice experience with friendly regulars.  

Restaurant: Daikichi Yakitori Saginomiya Branch
Address J: 東京都中野区鷺宮3-33-5
Address E: Tokyo, Nakano-ku, Saginomiya 3-33-5
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NERIMA: Sushimatsu Sushi starts from 70 yen! And rolls from 130 yen! Very cozy comfy interior with multilingual Tablet menu. (Sony RX100)

When I get a slight sushi craving on a budget I normally head over to Kappa Sushi or Kura Sushi but the quality is always a hit and miss... some days the fish is fresher and other days the maguro is super light pink and mushy.  BUT! My new discovery in NERIMA!  Sushi Matsu!

Due to Covid19 most restaurants aren`t really crowded plus this place has food delivery options via Uber Eats etc.

Of course I had to get the cheapest item!  70 yen maguro! (Tablet language setting here is Korean).

It was a bit tiny but quality sure was nice... great texture. 

There is a section on the menu for free items such as Wasabi 

Free item menu. 

Golden plates... fancy!

Daily specials. I spot Awabi.

Ika! One of my favorites.

Oldies J-pop on the BGM... so  nice to listen to music and enjoy sushi... a rarity.

MATSU.... Did anyone catch this? Its a restaurant conglomerate that runs Matsuya beef bowl, Matsunoya Tonkatsu shops among others... Seems they ventured into Sushi. 

My damage for the evening....

Free gari (sliced ginger) on the counter... cleans your palate between sushi.  

Overall no complaints at all!  They do have more expensive sushi items on the menu but I stuck to the 70 yen tuna, 70 yen ika and 130 yen negitoro rolls. Tax is inclusive and they don`t have table charge.  When I peeked into the kitchen area there were all middle aged sushi chefs!  Hands down better than most conveyer belt sushi chains... a must if you are in NERIMA!

Restaurant: Sushi Matsu Nerima Branch
Address J: 東京都練馬区豊玉北5-18-11
Address E: Tokyo, Nerima-ku, Toyotama Kita 5-18-11
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