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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

HIKARIGAOKA: Fukuju Korean Restaurant... Sundubu revisited to see if the taste is consistent. (Sony RX100M3)

I occasionally post a second entry for the same restaurant but this day I revisited Fujuku to see if my previous rave review was just-worthy....

All you can eat menu... 3,680 yen but if you want drinks its plus 1,500 yen.  Thats a heafty 5,000 yen in the country side burbs.   Think I would pre-drink then just eat as much as possible. 

Aloha Hawaiians! They have Spam Musubi here on their all u can eat menu!

The waiter and waitress was so attentive... I must have had 5 refills of barley tea.

Kids yakiniku lunch set only 500 yen.

Look at that color!  So deep rich flavorful... not watered down like most Sundubu spots that put way toooo much Tofu that bleeds water. 

Raw egg!  Just mix and it will cook. 

Free lunch rice refills... small extra portion please.

No smoking until 2pm

So I counted the number of clams in my Sundubu... 6 or 7!  Yuuuummm

Consistent and tasty plus the staff was incredibly attentive... they continued to peek at every ones table 5-10 min to see if we needed water or anything.  Kindness and service is still alive on the out skirts of Tokyo... YUM!

Restaurant: Fukuju Hikarigaoka Branch
Tabelog Foodie:
Address J: 東京都練馬区光が丘5-1-1 光が丘IMA 専門店街 3F
Address E: Tokyo, Nerima-ku, Hikarigaoka, IMA 3F
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Sunday, June 16, 2019

OIZUMIGAKUEN: My Favorie Torikizoku... spacious, attentive, great cooks and comfy for a lone diner! A MUST!! (SONY RX100M2)

I am back as a lone diner to my favorite yakitori Torikizoku Branch in Oizumi Gakuen!

All food here is 100% domestic.  Nothing imported from overseas. 

Every single item including drinks are all 298 yen!

Mega Hi-ball campaign... didn't win again.

Hello Mega Hi-Ball!  That's an amazing 298yen value!! They just added this to the menu a few months ago... no longer tiny glasses of hi-ball for 298 yen. 

Always go for the all you can eat cabbage!

The waiter suggested adding goma abura (sesame seed oil) to the salad and it was good! Ponzu sauce + Sesame seed oil a win!

Huge picture menu!

Some limited Specials!   

 I had to get the Tori-Ten which is a direct phonetic translation..  It should read Chicken Tempura with Plum Sauce but that turned into Tori-Ten which is the shortened version that Japanese use.  For example the posh Omotesando district in Tokyo is called Omo-San.  There is a tendency to shorten things here.

But this was definitely a great chicken tempura dish with the plum sauce... yum!

Then for some juicy seasoned Negi Yakitori.  So plump!

Free seasonings but need to request via the tablet.

Outlet for mobile or pc plus a small push button call system if you need the waiter.

Free refill!  But you can buy a huge cabbage the size of a human head for 100 yen so my 3 bowls probably cost only 25 yen.  Its a better value to eat it at home!

Remember to place your chicken sticks into the round bamboo container.

Lots of J-pop and popular American hits on the BGM.

Amuro Namie!

1 mega hi-ball, 1 mega draft beer, cabbage, negi yakitori and chicken tempura...  oh, had 3 refills of cabbage and no table otoshi charge! Not too shabby for 1,605 yen. 

The service here is unlike any other Torikizoku I have been to.  Spot on incredibly attentive and the waiter will chat you up... food come out piping hot and chicken so juicy.   I definitely suggest dining at Torikizoku in the suburbs!  Its a totally different experience at the Azabu Juban or Roppongi branches.

Back in the day I used DSLR's for many of my blog entries and the occasional compact including the  Canon s120 but ever since discovering the Sony RX100 series I am hooked.  The shots are very DSLR'ish with great Bokeh, great low light performance (if its too dark then you need the Canon S120) and razer sharp.  Took out the RX100M2 this night but if you need just 1 camera for all your needs (minus zoom) then you gotta get the 1st generation Sony RX100. 

Restaurant: Torikizoku Oizumigakuen Branch
Address J: 東京都練馬区東大泉1-37-8 ドラゴンスクエア2ビル 3F
Address E:  Tokyo, Nerima-ku, Higashi Oizumi 1-37-8

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