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Friday, August 14, 2020

OKINAWA NAHA: Mazemen Mahoroba! I finally went thanks to Coronavirus... there is always a line. (Sony RX100)

I was always curious about Mazemen Mahoroba`s Taiwanese style mixed mazesoba ramen but when visiting Okinawa I tend to stick with the local Okinawan Soba because I can get this locally in Tokyo.

BUT after eating too much Okinawa Soba it was time to give this place a try.  There is always a line of tourist here but this night I pretty much had the entire place to myself. 

Seems the tourists like the cheese topping +100 yen but I went for the standard Maze-men. 

You can select 200 grams, 250 or 300 but it will cost you an additional 50 yen to upgrade to 380 grams.  That just right portion without being stuffed is all 200 grams for me... would later regret my choice. 

Big pot... not sure whats boiling in there.

Some toppings. 

Self serve tea.

Endless Love on the BGM... lots of 70`s 80`s american music. 

Of course when a restaurant carries Red Star Sapporo lager beer its a must! 

So nice to get a egg seaweed soup with the noodles. 

I ordered the 200 grams but it seemed it was almost like 150 grams... but the flavor was such a refined buttery creamy good!  I totally wished I ordered the 300 grams... so yum. 

After you finish your noodles ask for a scoop of rice to mix the remaining ingredients into it. 

Unusual but the chef was a lady!  Talked to the staff a bit... super nice. 

Now I know why there is always a line here.  A MUST GOOOO!!!

Restaurant: Mazemen Mahoroba
Address J: 沖縄県那覇市牧志1-2-17
Address E: Okinawa, Naha, Makishi 1-2-17

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OKINAWA NAHA ASATO Station: Nakamura-ya for a wonderful bowl of tasty Okinawan Soba! (Canon s120)

What better way to close out a night in Okinawa with a traditional bowl of Okinawan soba noodles!  First time to try Nakamuraya Yatai Soba Ekimae!

Pre-pay push button machine...  went with the Okinawan Soba (2nd button). 
The 1st button was So-ki Soba.  Always best to push the top left corner button if you can`t read Japanese.

One table for 4.

Only 1 staff member so remember to return your bowl to the kitchen.

Elderly lady chef.  She mentioned Okinawan customers wear masks due to Coronavirus but the young Japanese tourists who dine here are usually drunk, don`t wear masks and are very loud.... she was so worried about contracting Covid19.

Okinawan "juushii" onigiri rice balls.  Won`t find this flavor on mainland Japan. 

Here we go!

The soup was so flavorful, the pork very melty soft and noodles had a great texture.  

After a few bites I add the awamori red pepper sake to the soup.  

Free toppings located on the counter. 

Overall this is definitely a must try on your Okinawa soba list!  Gotta go!!

Address J: 沖縄県那覇市安里388-6
Address E: Okinawa, Naha, Asato 388-6

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