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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

OKINAWA NAHA: Zootons Burger Joint! Highly foodie ranked but rather mediocre... not juicy and sauce ho-hum (Sony RX100)

I was totally on my way to have a delicious bowl of Okinawa Soba at Taito but the smell of the grilled burgers was pouring out of Zootons!  I just had to go inside to check it out. 

Lots of fun memorabilia on the walls.  Keeps you busy until the order arrives. 

In Tokyo burger lunch sets are the standard that includes a drink, fried potatoes and a burger.  But here its all ala carte... if you order a drink then you get free fries.  Nah not for me. 

I went for the Avocade Cheese Burger 840 yen (tax included)!

Presentation is surely spot on a beauty. 

Special sauce that was rather light... I seriously needed Ketchup to help out the flavor. 

Burger was thin and dry... This has got to be one of the more boring hamburgers I have had in Japan.  BUT  I did love the warm crispy buns!

Overall this place was pretty blah for me... a guy who has been spoiled by the stunning burgers in Tokyo.  I definitely won`t be back.  The service was very good though... Male waiter is from Tokyo.

Restaurant: Zooton`s
Address J: 沖縄県那覇市久茂地3-4-9
Address E: Tokyo, Naha-shi, Kumoji 3-4-9

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OKINAWA YAESE: Bubuka Izakaya... the friendliest place in Okinawa! Great food... great staff... great chef. (Sony RX100)

I was really certain I had a few entries for Bubuka Izakaya on this Tokyobelly blog but low and behold I couldn`t find one entry!  Hmm.... anyways when in Okinawa this is my absolute favorite pub located about 2,000 yen taxi ride from central Naha Kokusai Street. 

Seafood Salad

This IMUGE Okinawan Imo Shochu was a lost recipe mostly made by farmers who wanted to drink cheap potato based shochu.  BUT somehow this year someone decided to recreate this sake without any recipes but just based on Okinawan History.  As you know Awamori made of Thai Rice is the most prevalent drink known to the islands.  For me it totally tasted like Kurokirishima. 

It was the 4 of us and its sooo nice to take turns ordering food... I always order the same stuff. 

The only way I can enjoy Tonsoku (boiled pigs feet) when its grilled... yum!

Okinawans love this Kurokirishima potato shochu...  Its such a loved favorite both in the islands and mainland Japan.   Has a little punch so add ice and water to taste.

Some menu items are pictured here but Bubuka does have English menus. 

Grilled butter fish!  YUM!  But this guy was a bit too skinny.

The manager and sous chef! Mr. Shimabukuro... incredibly friendly guy.  One of the main reasons I keep coming back!  Say Stebu sent ya!

The Crew!  One guy who works to support local culture and music, a fire inspector and a one time sales agent that pulled in $4 million in sales annually.   

If you are lost in a sea of Okinawan Awamori sake just look for this bottle. Brand is brewed in this town called Yaese and only 598 yen a bottle!  Can be found at Don Quijote in Kokusai Dori.  A MUST!

Close with a dessert. 

Restaurant: Haruya Bubuka 
Address J: 沖縄県島尻郡八重瀬町伊覇108-1
Address E: Okinawa, Yaese... refer to MAP please

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