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Sunday, May 19, 2019

OKINAWA FESTIVAL 2019 in YOYOGI: Gastro 29 Organic Ishikagi-gyu burger stand... high hopes but so dry. (Sony RX100)

Another year and another great Okinawa Festival that was held at Yoyogi Park event space from May 18-19.  In search of something other than taco rice and Okinawan soba then spotted this burger spot!

Noticed all the fresh patties on a tray.  Looked promising!

OMG! I want one of those!

But unfortunately due to the high number of diners the burgers are prepared before hand and toppings such as cheese, salsa or avocado are added when you order.  THUS.... the burgers were incredibly dry. Soooo unfortunate as the fresh patties looked amazing.

I went for the Ishigaki Gyu cheese burger... they sold out of Avocado.

Nice messy burger with bunch of veggies, egg, slice of ham.. and topping of your choice.

Dry dry and really bland... hmm...

Overall if you can ask the chef to make a fresh patty then that might be your best bet to enjoy how this burger was really meant to be had... more juicy and a bit of rare.

Restaurant: Gastro 29 Organic Booth
Event Page:
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Thursday, May 16, 2019

DAIKANYAMA: Spring Valley Brewery (SVB) Tokyo Burger... what happened? Patty was so dry. (Sony RX100)

Clients in town for a few days after multiple Japanese restaurants it was time to have a bit of western food... thus! Spring Valley Brewery.

I believe Kirin Beer owns this restaurant... lots of craft beer making going on here. 

Of course I had to get the Chili burger.

But compared to my last wonderful visit with the Hydro Flask team the patty was so dry... think it might have been over grilled.

OMG! They have Cholula hot sauce!  Its always Tabasco out here.

A few ladies at another table went for the beer tasting...

A wonderful dinning complex but there are only 2 tenants here... wonder why. 

Overall the interior of this hotel is so American... reminded me of breweries in Oregon.

Restaurant: Spring Valley Brewery (SVB) Tokyo Branch
Address J: 東京都渋谷区代官山町13-1 ログロード代官山
Address E: Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Daikanyama 31-1, Log Road Daikanyama

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NISHI AZABU / ROPPONGI: Pulplism the friendliest burger joint that carries Miller Beer! (Canon s120, Sony RX100)

I tend not to randomly goto burger joints without first checking their foodie ranking but to my surprise! 

They had Miller Beer here!!

Went for the pulled pork burger and french fries set 1,200 yen plus an additional 300 yen for Miller Beer!

The Chef in view.

DJ Booth.

Few outlets on the wall.  Here we go... Miller!  I haven't had this in years and there are very few places I know of that serve Miller beer. 

The bun, patty, cheese, pulled pork... definitely a great mixture and size if you don't want something too heavy.  Really hit the spot and so tasty. 

Great music on the BGM.

I've been to alot of burger joints in Tokyo but this team was the most friendly... customer service at its best!  If you are in a mood for a tasty burger and of course an American rare beer then you gotta go!  

Restaurant: Pulplism 
Address J: 東京都港区西麻布1-8-10
Address E: Tokyo, Minato-ku, Nishi Azabu 1-8-10

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