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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

YOYOGI: Burgers Base... its like they used 2 small pizzas as buns for this Special "JUMBO" Hamburger!

I had a morning meeting near Yoyogi Station and Burger's Base along the way... so just had to check out this 2 floor burger spot that sits along a busy rail crossing at Yoyogi Station.

I was so happy to see a Chili Burger in the menu!

1st floor has 3 little tables for 2 and the same for the 2nd floor but smoking was allowed up there... small space with smokers, nah no thanks.

For an additional 100yen you get a drink... Ginger Ale for me!

They ran out of buns for the Chili burger so asked for the shops recommended choice... the Sasebo Burger size JUMBO!  I just figured it would have a big beef patty and some extra toppings.  Nope the buns were large Frisbee's and it weighted so much!

Its bigger than my iPhone 5!

Eggs, Cheddar Cheese, Bacon and a beef patty... the volume was massive and it wasn't too bad.  But its my very first time to actually slow down halfway thru my burger.  I seriously was considering a doggy-bag.

"Lucky Denver" by Mint on the BGM... alot of nice song from the 80's and 90's.  The burger chef looked kinda like a rocker maybe thats why the music.

After 3pm starts the all you can drink plan A for 1,000yen with 1 beer and all the mixed drinks or Plan B 1,500yen with all the beers and alcohol you can drink for 90 minutes.  The only catch is you need to order one food item!  

Super friendly waiter, interested rocker chef and a perfect view of people crossing the tracks... I think I will be back one day soon for the 1,000 yen all you can drink plan plus the chili burger.

Restaurant: Burger's Base
Address J: 東京都渋谷区千駄ヶ谷5-18-1
Address E: Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Sendagaya 5-18-1

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Friday, November 13, 2015

GAIENMAE: Sakura Sakura Izakaya for a whole fresh fish! Half baked and half served as sashimi for 1,000 yen!

I frequently walk past Sakura Sakura and its always crowded during lunch... now I know why.
The waiter will bring out a try with 6 types of fresh fish and you select how you want it made.  Sashimi, Shio-Yaki (baked with salt) or Nikomi (seasoned in sauce).

This fish was 1,000yen with all the side dishes included.

I went for the 1,100yen fish half sashimi and half shio-yaki.

It was such the perfect balance... rarely do I have sushi for lunch.

Recommend you to go before 12 because it fills up quickly. Oh I noticed cups of sake from 800yen to 1,200yen... very expensive!  Just go for lunch!

And on my way home a very very rare sighting... Red Enzo Ferrari!

Restaurant: Sakura Sakura
Address J: 東京都港区南青山2-13-5
Address E: Tokyo, Minato-ku, Minami Aoyama 2-13-5

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NISHI AZABU: Hamanoya Yakitori Izakaya... lots of counter eating and easy quick dinning for 1.

I was always very curious about this house that sits on Roppongi-Dori taking up the entire little block... located just seconds from Nishi Azabu intersection.

Smoking fish!

Tonights automatic Otoshi was konyaku...

Lone chef in the kitchen... I think there is a separate section with a yakitori chef.

Lots of ladies in posh Nishi-Azabu.

This was all I ordered... one whole boiled squid.

There is also a second floor area for bigger groups. Overall a easy place to grab a cold beer and some traditional Izakaya style selections.

Always spot exotics in this part of town... Ferrari F430!

Restaurant: Hama-no-ya Izakaya
Address J: 東京都港区西麻布2-14-7
Address E: Tokyo, Minato-ku, Nishi-Azabu 2-14-7

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HAWAII: Little Sheep Mongolian Hotpot! You can have it in Japan too!

My friends raved about Little Sheep and had to tag along to join them!

First time to see a samurai sword for the Japanese Asahi beer.

Huge drink menu.

Nope... no free wi-fi.

3 types of hotpot styles to choose from.

So many choices!

Even SPAM!

There was a huge section of help yourself sauces but look very carefully at the instructions... didn't realize that you can mix the dipping sauces depending on the meat you choose.

The service was great and the staff very friendly... 

Super spicy and nice and mellow broth.

A great spot when in Honolulu! But you can also have it at many locations in Japan!
For locations look here:

Restaurant: Little Sheep Honolulu Branch
Little Sheep Website:
Address: Ward Center 1200 Ala Moana Blvd, Bldg 4, 2nd Fl, Bay 16, Honolulu, HI 96814

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