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Monday, April 21, 2014

NAKAMURABASHI: Kappa Sushi... new items at this 108yen Kaiten Sushi Franchise! Nice~

I normally use the touch screen panel to scan thru the items but never realized Kappa had so many different items on the menu... it was an empty 4pm when I arrived and sat in a spacious booth.

It was so relaxing... hardly anyone here on a Monday.

When I sit down I usually start with the a Tuna roll... only 108yen.

Flame torched salmon with mayo... Not a huge fan of raw salmon but this was melty soft.  Did you know there are two types of salmon? One you can eat raw and the other that needs to be grilled?

Lots of "NEW" items... mostly rolls.

This was one of the best pics of the day... lots of tuna topped with a recent fad "spicy rayu sesame oil chili sauce" that was a bit overbearing but interesting concept.

Free hot Green Tea all day long~

Super spacious with over 100 tables.

Very few customers means everything is made to order... so the belts are pretty much empty.

Register online and you can win up to 500yen!

Sushi Origami... neat.

Country origin import data on all the ingredients and fish used here.

This place never really awesome but you just can't beat the cost performance price point of 108yen for 2 pieces of Sushi.  I always find myself craving just a few dishes and usually never go over 5-6.

This CAT seems to be some kind of Nakamurabashi Town symbol... he's everywhere.

And I leave you with a Kappa Sushi Commercial... the song is catchy.

Restaurant: Kappa Sushi Nerima Nukui Branch
Address J: 東京都練馬区貫井2-4-15
Address E: Tokyo, Nerima-ku, Nukui 2-4-15

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

ROPPONGI: (UPDATE) Gatten Sushi... its a sad day. Chutoro 130yen --> 180yen price went up :(

Gatten Sushi in Roppongi is my go-to absolutely favorite spot for Chu-Toro (Fatty Tuna). Gatten is known for their merry go round train sushi branches but the owner opened up a spot in Roppongi with Sushi Chef's making items to order.  

Chutoro went up from 130yen to 180yen... Its still much lower than the competitors like Sushi Zanmai that charge around 300yen per piece. 

It was so amazingly good as melty soft.

On the right side is the regular Tuna (Aka-Mi) for 130yen.

Once in a while I'll try the Zukemaguro (seasoned tuna) also 130yen.

Tonights Damage!  Although opened for several years now this is the best place to totally relax in a very quiet environment... think because its a bit hidden below Outback Steakhouse.  If you've tried the other spots in Roppongi then definitely give this place a try!
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This weekend was the annual Roppongi Art Night!

Restaurant: Edomae Gatten Sushi Roppongi Branch
Address J: 東京都港区六本木6-1-3 六門ビル 1F
Address E: Tokyo, Minato-ku, Roppongi 6-1-3

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Friday, April 18, 2014

SAKURADAI: Ramen Mishima... Tasty shio ramen with a very friendly Ramen Chef.

Although between station Ramen Mishima is highly ranked on Tabelog... neck and neck to Ramen Jiro, Hagan and Maruyoshi. After a night of all you can eat Yakitori, stop at a TacoYaki spot we really needed something very light... and I finally made it to Mishima.

The Chef recommended the Blue (shio ramen) or the Purple (Fish based shio ramen).  The red button is "Men no oomori" (large portion of noodles) for +100yen.

No Smoking! Nice!!

For Oomori (large portion of noodles) its +100yen.

This is my Shio (salt) Ramen... very clear soup broth, super light and just enough flavor to hold you over.  We arrived on a full stomach and anything heavier would just destroy us.

Instead of the usual pork slices I think this was chicken... 

My friend ordered the fish based shio (salt) broth ramen... much more flavorful than mine and more to my liking. The color was so nice.

Our Chef was incredibly friendly and chatted us up during our time there.  He trained at another shop for 10 years and opened up his own shop 2 years ago but never realized that he was in the battle grounds of ramen shops that is Sakuradai/Ekoda/Nerima.  We have Hagan, Jiro, Dai, Maruyoshi and so many choices in the area... but his menu always has limited time ramen flavors that seems to keep everyone returning.

Restaurant: Ramen Mishima
Address J: 東京都練馬区桜台1-2-9
Address E: Tokyo, Nerima-ku, Sakuradai 1-2-9

Japanese, Japan, Noodles, Tsukemen, Ramen, Foodie, Tokyobelly, 美志満, みしま,
ラーメン, 桜台