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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

OKINAWA NAHA: Fukuwa-Uchi Izakaya... 980yen for 2 hours all you can drink or 100 yen beers! Drunkards go go!! (Sony RX100)

I was a bit unfortunate to stay at a hotel near Asahibashi monorail station in Naha as most restaurants are clustered around central Kokusai Street BUT!  Fukuwauchi izakaya was just steps away!

This was all me! 980 yen all you can drink for a full 2 hours unlike Tokyo where last call comes in at 90 minutes for their 2 hour plan.

Orion beer is 100 yen!  Not the real Orion beer but the 3rd beer called Happoshu.

All you can drink menu circled in Orange.  If you want to drink for a full 3 hours its 1,280 yen... now that`s quite a while to hang out in one spot. 

Japanese and Chinese options. 

Huge fan of Tsukune but it was dry as a bone here... 

Must have been the type you thaw in the microwave. 

Pork and egg topped with mayo and dry fish shavings.... reminded me of okonomiyaki. 

Counter seating area for lone diners.

Due to Covid19 every other seat was marked with an X.  Ordered myself the 100 yen Orion beer!

If you like this kinda beer its available at the nearby Lawson convenience store for 205 yen (500ml).... but you can usually buy it at the supermarket for 110 yen (350ml). 

They also have all you can drink awamori plan for 600 yen... phew.

Table seating area. 

Oh this is the automatic appetizer called otoshi... very dry.  
Overall if you love to drink then go!  But the food was very junky here and nothing was very good.  OH! The staff was incredibly attentive with a mix of Okinawan and Indian ladies. 

Restaurant: Fukuwa-Uchi Izumizaki Branch
Tabelog Foodie: 
Address J: 沖縄県那覇市泉崎1-13-23
Address E: Okinawa, Naha, Izumizaki 1-13-23

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