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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

OKINAWA NAHA (Asashibashi Station): Sumibi (charcoal) Yakitori Kan. Wonderful cozy spot with friendly elder chef. (Sony RX100)

This place looked so cozy from the outside and had to close out the night here. 

The automatic appetizer called Otoshi was a little salad topped with a cherry.

Food Menu... they didn`t provide me with an English one but 2 of the waitresses were Nepalese I think... they might be proficient in English. 

Counter seating with a view of the grill to my right. 

Today`s specials.  The Ume-Tsukune looked good.

Orion Beer 520 yen and Asahi Super Dry 530 yen. 

I entered at 10:30pm and there were 2 ladies to my right. 

First order was the jikasei (home made) tsukune. 

Juicy and nice texture of tiny bits of cartilage. 

More drinks. 

Of course had to get something healthy!  Seasoned Kyuri (cucumbers)

I got to talking to the elder chef and he said he thought the Governor of Okinawa Denny Tamaki was sitting in front of him... I`ve gotten this a few times in the past.  Denny (Dennis) is also half Okinawan and half American.  

Thats me!  At least I look like someone super famous on the Islands. 

What a wonderful little yakitori spot.  Suggest this for a date as its not some place you want to drink too much and get loud... good food, good service and just nice.  If you read Japanese or perhaps point at some pictures on Tabelog or Google Review photos then give it a try!  

Restaurant: Sumibi Yakitori Khan
Address J: 沖縄県那覇市泉崎1-13-10
Address E: Okinwa, Naha, Izumizaki 1-13-10

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