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Saturday, May 10, 2014

NERIMA KASUGACHO: Hasegawa Sushi... incredibly spacious 2nd Floor for kids! Staff a bit spaced out~

On a Saturday night in the burbs of Nerima Kasagucho with very limited dining spots it nearly impossible to dine without reservations... we tried for Yakitori, Yakiniku and an Izakaya all full... but randomly stumbled on this Sushi Unagi restaurant that could accommodate 5 adults and 4 kids.

Course menu starts from a friendly 1,000yen for sushi all they way up to 4,000yen for Unagi.

Counter seating on the 1st floor.  When we arrived it was full.

We were guided up to a massive room on the 2nd floor... the kids have fun without bothering anyone.

The mozuku appetizer "otooshi" arrives when you sit down.

Will always select bottled beer over draft... EBISU Beer

Side dishes

Individual sushi orders.

The 4 sushi courses.... normal 1,050yen, middle 1,365yen, fancy 1,575yen and incredibly rich fancy 2,625yen!

I think my friend ordered the fancy sushi platter for 1,575yen... I see crab!

This is my 1,050yen platter... the "normal" or "nami" platter that was very basic.  My rolls had kanpyo seasoned veggies inside... hmmm... Best is always the manguro tuna.  I enjoy sushi platters but the higher you go in price the more exotic stuff comes out and I'm not a big fan of Uni (sea urchin), Ikura (orange fish eggs) and a few other items.  It just hit the spot for me.

Each meal comes with a light soup and half a banana!  Normally melons accompany Japanese course meals but I guess its bananas here.  Free wasabi if you need.

Oh and so all of our sushi platters arrived and they spaced out waitress never brought any shoyu... it was so wacky.  Its like going to a restaurant and the waitress forgetting to bring you utensils. Oh well.

My 2 pieces of Maguro were fairly big.  They don't use very much rice here.

Overall the foodies give it a rather low 3.03 points on Tabelog but the staff was very friendly, the restaurant's tatami seats were spacious (1st floor table sitting seemed a bit cramped) and for my 1,050yen totally worth it to relax in a nice traditional Japanese style restaurant.  Oh!  It took about an hour to get our sushi so be ready to drink and enjoy some conversation with your friends.

This shop has free parking.

Restaurant: Hasegawa Sushi
Address J: 東京都練馬区春日町4-15-2
Address E: Tokyo, Nerima-ku, Kasugacho 4-15-2

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