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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

SHIMOKITAZAWA: (CLOSED 12/2011) Vi-Sand Bánh-Mi vietnamese sandwiches... lacked the addictive pâté.

Its so hard to find Vietnamese Bánh-Mi sandwiches in Tokyo but a random search on my favorite foodie blog came up with Vi-Sand in Shimokitazawa

Interior was very comfy and the artwork on the walls soothing. 

I picked up the 650yen drink,  beef sandwich and appetizer lunch set.  The beef was pretty much identical to what you can find at a beef bowl shop like Yoshinoya... nothing really special.  Bread was on the soft side rather than that crispy outside like a baguette.  Owner mentioned that they toast the bread for lunch and use the oven for dinner to get it crispy on the outside.

Lots of tasty coriander.

Volume will just hit the spot... you won't get stuffed.  There is pate in here but honestly I couldn't taste it... perhaps the special hot sauce or flavor of the beef was too overwhelming... or more could have been added.

Friend ordered the 2nd most popular selection, Chicken Bánh-Mi.

This tasted much better because it didn't remind me of eating at Yoshinoya... but the volume lacked and the chicken was ground up... not regular sliced chicken. 

Tiny noodle appetizer with lunch.

Lots of beautiful paintings on the walls.

The shop and restroom was immaculate...

Great BGM on the Bose system... think it was tuned into a French radio channel.

After having amazing Bánh-Mi at Ba-Le in Hawaii its just hard to enjoy whats offered in Japan.  The best way to describe it is having Ramen or Sushi in the US... it just isn't the same as having it in Japan.  But customer service was super friendly and owner Michael (bilingual) was a pleasure to chat with. 

Here's a photo of our Hawaii trip in 2009... Ba-Le is the place to try if you ever visit Honolulu.

Shop: Vi-Sand Shimo-Kitazawa
Shop Website:
Address E: Tokyo, Setagaya-ku, Kitazawa 2-12-3 (Just minutes from South Exit)
Address J: 東京都世田谷区北沢2-12-3

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