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Friday, August 19, 2011

YOTSUYA: Pizza Salvatore Cuomo... strike 2 and you are outta here!

980yen Pizza or Pasta Lunch (11:30 - 14:30)!  Finally made it to Salvatore for their lunch special that includes Pasta/Pizza, salad and a drink of your choice.  Didn't take a pic of the menu but I won't be back...

Where do you go for Italian lunch in Yotsuya?  Oh yeah, we have Salvatore.  Definitely recommend counter seating to see all the action.

Interesting view of the cheese chopper... I think they chop up the Mozzarella then place it into a device that creates even pieces that look like little worms for the pizza.  But most pizza shops in Tokyo will hand break the cheese and place it directly on top of the pizza.

We ordered the Margherita Pizza and Eggplant/Olives/Anchovy Pizza lunch.

First came the salad... these greens seemed kinda limp... salad dressing was a bit boring.  

And there it was! My Margherita pizza... first bite is always the best but what really matters is if the dough begins to harden or not after the pizza cools down a little.  This is the only pizzeria I've been to where the dough begins to lose all its chewiness and get very tough... Kinda like microwaving a cold slice of pizza and letting it sit... just gets rock hard.   

My friends Eggplant/Olive/Anchovy pizza... anchovies gave it a very distinct heavy flavor.  But yet again the pizza dough just got too hard. 

A little non-spicy olive oil for the pizza.

This was just a place to slightly fulfill your pizza craving but honestly I think i'd rather have Domino's or Pizza Hut to this just because of the pizza dough.  There are way too many great pizzerias in Tokyo to go out of your way to try Salvatore in Yotsuya.  But I can honestly say that the service was excellent just the product kinda fell short.

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