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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

YAMANASHI: Kosaku Houtou Noodle Shop

Yamanashi is famous for Peaches and Grapes but also HouTou Noodles (thicker than Udon and more chewy).  Seems this place was featured on TV and a full house at our 2:30pm arrival.

4,000yen Turtle noodle soup... Suppon.

The main noodle menu... there are other choices too.

Very spacious interior.

And my pork houtou noodle arrived! The Volume!!  Soup was miso based... and there were so many different kinds of vegetables.  Think I liked the pumpkin the most. 

The noodles... super thick and chewy.

Friends went with the Tsuke-men (cold noodles that you dip in soup) and Tempura set.

If you are ever in Yamanashi you must give Houtou noodles a chance.  The thick noodles were so good, so many vegetables and the miso soup just too tasty.  Oh, this place is about a 20min ride from Mt. Fuji area.

Shop: Kosaku
Address J: 山梨県笛吹市石和町窪中島73-3

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