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Thursday, September 16, 2010

SHINJUKU: Shiddique Indian Restaurant.... Shocking 500yen Curry!

You just can't miss the Huge 500yen Curry sign of Siddique Indian Curry in Shinjuku.  But my lure into this establishment was the strategically placed Indian fellow down the street at the major crossing... he handed me a tiny coupon for 500yen Curry plus a free drink of my choice.  Hmm.... It was dinner time and why not?

With coupon in Hand I entered Siddique... 

Asked the giant waiter what Curries were for 500yen... It was the Chicken "Kawa" Curry and Butter Dal Curry... the other choices ranged up to 1,000yen+ from what I remember.  

The Photo of the chicken looked pretty good... seemed a bit stir fried in Curry and I expected something very flavorful.  But the interesting part was yet to come... Does anyone know what the word "Kawa" or kanji "皮" means in Japanese... I mean you shouldn't even have to know this in an INDIAN Restaurant right?!?

My free Mango Lassi arrived... perfect thickness and veeeery good.

And so arrives my soupy curry... hmm... ok, maybe its tasty.  I dug around a bit for the chicken but I couldn't find it.... not even one piece!  Wait... when I order "Kawa" at a yakitori spot its usually chicken skin... CHICKEN SKIN CURRY!?  Really, is this for real?  This was so wacky to me... 

Notice the wonderful mushy pieces of chicken skin... yup, nicely boiled and all mushy.  Anyways while I was trying to enjoy my meal I heard alot of other Japanese people ordering the same thing.  Chicken skin here, Chicken skin there, the stuff was a huge hit... cause its hella cheap right?  YES!  Anyways the Nan bread sucked monkey balls... I don't know what kind of wheat/flour they used but it was like a loaf of bread that was microwaved and that quickly hardened... hmm... loved the square cubes of butter slowly melting on my Nan.

Honestly the strange chicken skin was freakishly addictive... it was like eating something gross but you just couldn't stop yourself from trying just a little more.  Anyways I highly suggest you run far away from the Chicken Skin Curry as you can and use that 500yen for a nice bowl of ramen at Hakata Tenjin Ramen in Shinjuku.  I won't be back!

Restaurant: Shiddique Indian Restaurant in Shinjuku
Address J: 東京都新宿区西新宿7-10-20
Address E: Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku, Shinjuku 7-10-20

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