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Thursday, November 3, 2011

GINZA: Grill and Wine Bar Arossa... Hands down great 1,050yen Lunch in posh Ginza!

Its been a long time 8F... I've been to Arossa in Ginza just a hand full of times but each visit greets me with a totally new lunch special.

There is only 1 daily special for a very reasonable 1,050yen in the heart of Ginza.  Comes with water, good size salad, fresh bread, soup, main course, dessert and tea or coffee.  

The waiter will greet you at the entrance to inform you that their is only one special course during lunch... simply say "hai."  Then he'll seat ya.  Started with a great salad with hints of bacon bits and an original dressing... very very good.

A very nice dish of Minestrone soup follows the salad.

There are 4 counter seats if you go alone or just want to watch the chef at work.

Main dish arrives.  Hamburger steak topped with mustard red wine sauce and a side of mashed potatoes.  A great burger for sure...

Then followed with pineapple ice in a little chilled glass cup.

Course ends with your choice of Coffee (Hot/Ice) or Tea.

This shop is extremely generous in their number of dishes for the low lunch price of 1,050 yen.  

I arrived at 11:40am and by noon it was completely full... a solid 80-90% of the lunch goers were ladies... If you ever need convincing to enter a restaurant just find a spot that's full of women... Japanese OL's are always in the know of where is good at a reasonable value. 

The building faces ABC-Mart in Ginza.   I'll definitely be back again!
My Previous Arossa Entry:

Shop: Grill and Wine Bar Arossa
Location: Ginza
Address J: 東京都中央区銀座2-4-6 銀座ベルビア館 8F
Address E: Tokyo, Chuo-ku, Ginza 2-4-6,  Ginza Velvia Bldg 8F.

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