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Saturday, November 12, 2011

SHINJUKU SAN-CHOME: Bistro Gomaya for 1,000yen 2hr drinks!

There are few places that I've found in Tokyo that will let you do an all-you-can-drink for a fixed amount without having to go for a set menu course.  But my random search in Shinjuku for an inexpensive spot led me to Bistro Gomaya!

And there it was... 2hrs of drinks for only 1,000yen and you can order Ala'Carte too~.  No fixed meal plan that normally accompanies All-You-Can-Drink or in Japanese "Nomihoudai."

Most of the menu is in Japanese... but I'd suggest stepping outside to look at all the pics...

Food pictures at the entrance of the shop~... very helpful!

Friend Terry tried out the Goma (Sesame Seed) Shochu with Hoppy... 

Fried chicken with Goma seasoning... hmm...

Nice Avocado Tuna tartar with Goma sauce... tasty!

For kinds of Potatoes... As you can see we really weren't there for the food... just drinks and catching up.

You'll definitely have to try the Goma-Shochu... very smooth!

Even included  real mid-size bottled beer in the 1,000yen drink menu... not the inexpensive Happoshu.  

Interior was very clean and comfortable... there is a little buzzer in the booths to call on waiters.

Interesting umbrella stand...

Well worth the trip in a city where draft beer can go for 1,000yen.  If you are in Shinjuku and on a budget you'll have to give this place a try.

Oh!  Most important... for the 1,000yen 2hr drink special you have to enter the restaurant by 6:30pm... then you are good for the 2hrs!  Last call will usually come around the 1.5hr mark if the waiters are not too busy to notice...

Shop: Bistro GOMAYA (Shinjuku Sanchome station exit C3)
Address J: 東京都新宿区新宿3-4-1 カルムビル 5F
Address E: Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku, Shinjuku 3-4-1,  CALME Bldg 5F

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