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Friday, January 8, 2021

MCDONALD`S JAPAN: BIG Smile Big Mac set discounted from 690 yen to 550yen! Two stacked 1 dollar burgers = big mac? (Sony α57)

I`m a huge fan of Filet O Fish and can`t really justify paying over 500 yen for a McDonalds burger so I tend to stick to the dollar burger and chicken crisp sandwich menu... PLUS the occasional Spicy Chicken burger that has an addictive sweet and sour siracha style sauce for 200 yen. 

BUT I noticed the Big Mac set called BIG SMILE was discounted from 690 yen to only 550 yen!  I only eat Big Macs once every few years and had to dive in!

Big Mac boxes had a secret coupon... scored a 50 yen off Teriyaki Burger coupon. 

Here is a Japanese Big Mac!  Lots of lettuce. 

I`m a tabasco ketchup kinda guy... you gotta try!

Was so disappointed that the meat patties were so thin.... exactly what comes with the 100 yen (Dollar) hamburger.  I can`t believe people actually order this in burger heaven Tokyo. Special sauce was just so underwhelming and bland. 

When in Japan its probably best to check out Mos Burger that has thicker burger patties and more interesting toppings.  See you in another 5 years BigMac!  Gonna stick to the dollar burger menu and filet o fish!

My fav! Filet O Fish! But at 370 yen I don`t usually order this when at a lower price I can get a fulfilling Japanese Bento at Hotto Motto or Origin. 

ビッグマック, ギガビッグマック, お年玉ックキャンペーン, 日本マクドナルドホールディングス, フィレオフィッシュ

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