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Thursday, December 10, 2020

TOSHIMAEN: Yakiniku Sanga to give the pig feet and least expensive 330 yen young kalbi a try! (OLYMPUS E-PM1)

Yakiniku Sanga in one of the most popular restaurants in Toshimaen... an area that has so very few restaurants but hopefully that will change when the new Harry Potter park opens in 2023.

Lined up at 4:50pm on a Thursday evening!  Only about 5 people lined up... on the weekends it usually a 1.5 to 2 hour wait. 

Oh my this 1,980 yen meat looked sooo good. 

Bottled beer!  My old Olympus E-PM1 doesn`t automatically rotate photos...

The Kalbi menu!  Little did I realize that there was a 330 yen yakiniku menu option called Young Kalbi.

480 yen Kalbi! The few marbled pieces were soo tender but the other pieces I just couldn`t bite into the fatty part... unfortunately it ended up in a tissue. 

480 yen Harami!

480 yen Rooosu...!

Friend ordered chilled pig feet! Said the collagen is great for your skin... just 1 piece for me. 

Kimchee set.

Now for the Young Kalbi 330 yen!  It just looked so supermarket grade... it wasn`t very good and a bit tough.   

And we close out the bill! 4,150 yen for 2 people.  This night the meat wasn`t as tender as usual... find it odd as so many restaurants are closed due to Covid (coronavirus) that high quality beef must be accessible at deep discounts due to low demand.  Anyways was a miss this night will try again!

I have alot of cameras but mainly use my Sony RX100 due to the great low light F1.8 lens but this day took out an old school Olympus E-PM1... less bokeh with 14mm F2.5 lens so everything is in focus. Need to take out my other once in a while.

Restaurant: Yakiniku Sanga 焼肉山河
Address J: 東京都練馬区練馬4-26-11 SUBWAY壱番館1F
Address E: Tokyo, Nerima-ku, Nerima 4-26-11
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