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Monday, December 7, 2020

OIZUMIGAKUEN: Doma Doma Izakaya does it again! 20% off coupon on already super cheap 181 yen beers! (Sony RX100)

Have a friend who lives in this town and often goto his regular izakaya spots but this day due to coronavirus we decided to hit up Doma Doma that has semi private booths rather than a very open dining area.   PLUS! Got luck to spot a Gnavi 20% off secret coupon !

Beers and Whisky Hi-balls are normally 181 yen but with the coupon only 145 yen!  Now thats probably one of the best deals you will find in Tokyo!

Basic and several types of Whisky Hi-Balls on the 181 yen menu.

Beer was soooo ice cold that it was quite slushy!  YUM! Love it when they freeze the glass mugs.

Tablet menu in English, Japanese and Chinese.

Not much of a fan of seasoned eggplant with mustard dip... 

Always a great choice with beer! Grilled Manta Ray. 

The best item of the night!  Red Hot Chicken with loads of pepper.

Very very flavorful!  Definitely a must. Ordered a half size. 

All the items on the tablet are pictured in the printed menu.  So if you get lost trying to find something on the tablet just use the push button to hail the waitress. 

We were seated in an area that had shoe lockers... super close to the restroom. 

10 highballs, 6 draft beers, 3 food items and otoshi fee (table charge)...  3 full hours with 20% off only 4,335 yen!  Definitely a great deal for Tokyo if you like to drink. 

If you spot a Doma Doma franchise in Tokyo remember to look up the foodie sites like Gnavi or Hotpepper to get their free discount coupons!  Just show the staff and you are all set.

Restaurant: Doma Doma Oizumi Gakuen Branch
Address J: 東京都練馬区東大泉5-41-14 エクラン大泉学園3F
Address E: Tokyo, Nerima-ku, Higashi Oizumi 5-41-14, 3F

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