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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

AKASAKA: Motsusen Izakaya... Fabulous dinner prices with such volume! Drinks are fun too! A MUST!! (Sony RX100)

Another staycation in Akasaka and searched for a izakaya thats participating in the GOTO Eat campaign where each diner gets 1,000 in points to use another day.  Motsusen was my choice!

This was so cool... my Italian last name written in Hiragana rather than Katagana.

So many items pictured!  

Ordering is done thru this tablet.  

Was totally looking forward to this Whole grapefruit sour!  Can choose betweek pink or regular grapefruit. 

599 yen in a Large Mug (Dai - Jokki)

There is a hole on top so just pour the grapefruit juice into your glass of sake.  Can continue to squeeze away until it looks like a packman... will take a few squeezes. 

Food ranking above the L shaped counter. 

The automatic otoshi or appetizer... cabbage with ponzu and goma (Sesame seed oil) seasoning.  Free Refills!

One of the recommended dishes is the Motsu-Nikomu for only 199 yen!  Very tender pieces of stewed meats and veggies. 

Was quite the full house on this Typhoon 14 Saturday evening

Next up Ham Katsu 299 yen!

The volume!  Super crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.  Another great choice. 

Add some sauce to your liking. 

My little single diner corner.

Next up Hoppy non-alcoholic beer with Shochu!

The waitress / bartender. 

Went with the Large mug (Dai Jokki).  The glass is 1/3 filled with Shochu and then add the Hoppy to taste.   One bottle should last you 3 drinks. 

When you are done with your first glass of Hoppy its time to order a refill of the Shochu called "naka." For the smaller mugs its 199 yen and the large its 299 yen.

Only 1 shared restroom but it was clean. 

Check request thru the tablet. 

The damage. 

I absolutely loved this izakaya!  Cozy environment, great inexpensive food items and the variety of drinks should please anyone.  When in Akasaka you gotta check out this spot!  I will be back!!

Restaurant: Motsusen Akasaka Main Brach
Address J: 東京都港区赤坂2-14-12 高橋ビル2F
Address E: Tokyo, Minato-ku, Akasaka 2-14-12, 2nd Floor

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