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Sunday, December 22, 2019

FUJIMIDAI: Butamaru Ramen Jiro'style (Jiro-kei) heavy flavorful ramen with friendly staff! (Canon G7x)

Attempted to try a new little Thai restaurant but seems they don't do lunch on Mondays... so wandered into the next town and spotted this beautiful yellow awning that can only mean 1 thing!  Its that heavy thick oily high calorie Jiro style ramen!  Had to goooo!

You can the standard Bu-Ro ramen 250 grams for 780 yen but I kinda max out at 200 grams so went for the Mini-Buu 650 yen 150 grams.  

White pepper, red pepper and tooth pics for you. 

This is how you order.  I have never seen a Jiro style ramen shop that allows you to customize the texture of your noodles but you can do soft, normal or hard.  The free additional toppings are garlic, veggies, fat and extra flavorful soup.

Comfy counter stools.

Table in the back for families maybe.

Japanese pop on the BGM

My order was just a little veggies (Yasai-Sukuname) and extra fat.  Didn't go for the garlic or extra flavorful soup.

Extra fatty pieces were tasty.

The noodles were so thick and perfectly chewy! I might have to try the softer noodles next time (they boil it for a longer period of time).  

Big chunks of tender pork.  Overall the soup had an addictive feeling to it... it was just good all the way through and luckily it didn't leave any MSG after taste that I experienced at Jiro Ramen Hibarigaoka branch

Lots of boxes of Mirin or Japanese rice wine used for cooking... might be their secret incredient.

Great counter seating, solid bowl of ramen for 680 yen but most of all the staff was so friendly.  Unsure if they were married but couple in their late 20's were running the spot.  I'll be back soon.

Restaurant: Butamaru Ramen
Address J:  東京都中野区上鷺宮4-16-6
Address E: Tokyo, Nakano-ku, Kamisaginomiya 4-16-6

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