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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

HIBARIGAOKA: Ramen Jiro... Got 650 yen? MSG Heaven with the highest Jiro outlet Foodie Ranking in Japan!

Took off on a Monday and before a hike up a little mountain my ramen expert friend suggested we goto Ramen Jiro in Hibarigaoka.  Ranked the HIGHEST of ALL Jiro's in Japan.

A line about 30 deep when we arrive at 11:15am.  Shop opens at 11:30 am.

After the first wave came and went we were seated at around 12.  Its a big L shaped counter and if you go in groups the chef will try to seat you together.  Seemed like a friendly guy. 

Remember to buy black tea prior to going!

I ordered the small size, minimal veggies with extra lard for 650 yen but the volume of noodles was massive... I wondered if he actually gave me a regular size bowl.  The small for 650 yen comes with one slice of pork and the 700 regular with 2 slices of pork.

When the chef was preparing multiple bowls at the same time I notice him spread a spoon of white power... I have never seen this done in full view at any ramen shop in Tokyo.  It was a big spoon for of Ajinomoto MSG.  Oh my....

2 guys next to me got the regular 700yen ramen and requested half the noodles... great idea if you enjoy the tender pork.  

My friend absolutely loved this ramen because there was such a depth to the soup.  I assume the MSG helped bring out the flavor but overall I thought it was quite average.  Hmm... I guess you really have to be on another level of ramen connoisseur to understand the beauty of this bowl.  Anyways if you are on the Seibu Ikebukuro line you gotta check it out as there is a massive following for this specific branch. OR you can goto my Fav Jiro in Sakuradai!

Restaurant: Jiro Ramen Hibarigaoka Branch
Address J: 東京都西東京市谷戸町3-27-24 ひばりがおかプラザ
Address E: Tokyo, Nishi Tokyo Shi, Yatocho 3-27-24

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