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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

GAKUGEIDAIGAKU: Drink and Food ACU... very cozy atmosphere and fun variety of Italian food.

Friend invited me to a small gathering at a tiny restaurant in Gakugeidaigaku (just 2 stops from Nakameguro).  Food does take a while but we started with this salad, seasoned sashimi fish, squid in seemingly chili beans and a delicious pork dish.  SORRY!  I didn't order anything and really dont know the correct ingredients.

Big chalkboard menu.

This is the seasoned pork dish... more like a chunk of prosciutto minced and seasoned.

This was the squid dish.

Interesting wine... These 2 are from the same bottle but poured at different times.  It slowly turns a darker color much like apple juice.  New to me.

We started at 7pm and left around 11:30pm I think... main reason was the owner chef runs the entire restaurant himself without any staff.   So be sure to get comfy and drink lots of wine.

Food kept coming... the most traditional pasta in Japan known as Napolitan Pasta thats normally prepared with ketchup instead of tamato sauce.   

More food!? At 9:30pm this arrive... Beef and Deer with french fries.

Overall if you want a hang out in a cozy spot with a small group of friends this is a nice choice.

Restaurant: Drink & Food ACU
Address J: 東京都目黒区鷹番3-7-10 第3寿美吉ビル B1
Address E: Tokyo, Meguro-ku, Takaban 3-7-10

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