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Saturday, January 18, 2014

KICHIJOJI: Iseya Yakitori... is this place on fire!? SMOKEY MESS!!

It seems Iseya Yakitori has been a fixture for the money strapped salarymen from years gone by and this day a friend of mine suggested we give it a go.  His father who is nearly 70 frequented this spot in his youth...

If ever a choice between bottled and draft remember to always go for the bottle! The guys working for Suntory, Asahi or Sapporo will do the same... Bottled or Draft go for 500yen.

Though very limited the Yakitori sticks are all 80yen!  Its a really really reasonable price point~.

Ordered 9 sticks of Yakitori~.

As we were sitting at our seats an immense fog hit us! It was sooo thick... the Yakitori smoke is insane here! There is absolutely no ventilation system and all our eyeballs were in pain!

Chilled cubes of Tuna (Maguro Butsugiri) for 380yen.

There are 3 seating types... tables but you will 100% have to share with other diners... counter seating with a great view of the Yakitori chefs but the smoke will hit you in full force.  And outside standing area that is probably the BEST spot to avoid the smoke.

Our Yakitori arrives!  White meat, chicken skin, liver and one other thing.

80yen each but these sticks just kinda sucked... liver was dry, white meat was dry... honestly I don't think I'd eat very much even if it was free.  Seems the best bet is to get the Home Made Shumai or the Wakadori Momo Yaki (chicken wings).

Atsukan (hot) sake 300yen was a very sweet mellow flavor... a must.

Photo of the owner.

Ultimately would I go back here for Yakitori... umm... no way Jose!  The yakitori was just so bad... I'd much rather buy the cheap stuff at a local supermarket than eat this again.  But if you really want to mingle with Japanese folks this might be a nice spot.  Be warned you will smell of SMOKE!

Restaurant: Iseya 
Address J: 東京都武蔵野市御殿山1-2-1 いせや吉祥寺ビル
Address E: Tokyo, Musashino-shi, Gotenyama 1-2-1

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