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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

ROPPONGI: (CLOSED 7.2020 COVID-19) Torikizoku 280yen EVERYTHING Yakitori and Drinks! Sticks were gigantic!

Passed by on July 17, 2020 and the entire building that houses many restaurants was completely dark.  I can only assume the owners have sold the property or it has something to due with Coronavirus.  You will have to head to the EAST Exit branch for your cheap Yakitori needs.

I first saw Torikizoku featured on TV but definitely not an Izakaya to take sweet Mari so it remained on my list until this past weekend... 280yen for large yakitori chicken sticks and all the drinks on the menu!?  Recruited 2 friends to join~.

All the drinks were 280yen...

For beer you have two choices for beer... the Medium Size (Ichiban Shibori) or Large Size (TanrieNama). 

Pictures for everything on the menu... can't really go wrong with Yakitori... just point and explore!

All dishes include 2 sticks.

I arrived at an early 6:30pm to find my friends missing... so sat down and had a few orders... this was the Liver (called Kimo).  Large chunks... very creamy texture.

An easy order... green bell peppers stuffed with minced chicken.  Honestly after these 2 dishes I was pretty much stuffed...

The cheese topped tsukune sticks were very good! And have to recommend the tender beef-sticks on the same plate as the cheese tsukune.

Someone had a craving... 

Crunchy lotus-root with chicken topping.

Always need to order the Cabbage.

Don't order this!  It was tiny bits of chicken with butter potatoes... soooo tiny.

Closed with the shop recommended chicken rice?

This will take 30min to completely cook at your table...

Think they use special chicken broth, veggies and tasty rice... it was just ok...

Recommend taking a few friends so you can try out the many different sticks.

Counter seating and table seating inside...

Have never seen exposed Kegs in a Japanese restaurant before but then again its rare to find giant beers for only 280yen!  Don't think I'll be back anytime soon unless I need cheap beer~... but if you are new to Japan and on a budget because of the strong yen then give it a go!  Service is quick and its very kind on the wallet.  But if you want to enjoy a different kind of amazing Yakitori with English menu's then goto Kushi-Wakamaru in Nakameguro!!   OH! This place was also filled with couples with babies and families with little children early on in the night.

Shop: Torikizoku Roppongi Branch
Address J: 東京都港区六本木4-11-4
Address E: Tokyo, Minato-ku, Roppongi 4-11-4

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