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Tuesday, November 23, 2021

NERIMA: Chikuzenya Izakaya to check out their Shibuya Kaithong collab Khao Man Gai! Had seconds! (Sony RX100)


For a limited time they are serving Shibuya Kaithongs khao man gai!  This was the only reason I stopped by Chikuzenya Izakaya. 

Bottled Asahi Beer 580 yen... same price as the Khao Man Gai!

Khao Man Gai #1.... I couldn`t just stop at one order.

Special spicy sauce.

Khai Man Gai #2... yup I ordered a second round.  Its just so rare to find this dish in Tokyo. But! If you are in the Shibuya Ebisu area you gotta check out ---> 

Lots of Japanese oldies on the BGM.

Interesting... they didn`t serve an otoshi fee (automatic appetizer you get charged for).  Thats always a great thing as its usually a small plate of seasoned bean sprouts. 

Overall the Khao Man Gai was a bit on the dry side but I still enjoyed both plates!  Its just for a limited time so if in Nerima check it out.  Plus they have alot of Yakitori and Japanese soul food items.

Restaurant: Chikuzenya Nerima Branch
Address J: 東京都練馬区豊玉北5-15-11
Address E: Tokyo, Nerima, Toyotamakita 5-15-11

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