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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

ROPPONGI HILLS: Tsuke-men TETSU... as thick as worms! Wowwww

There are 3 ramen shops in this alley thats located off the Hibiya-line (basement level) of Roppongi Hills and Tsuke-men Tetsu is the only spot with a consistent line every time I walk past.

So I just had to give it a go after my mediocre adventure with Ramen Tetsukama just down the alley.

I rarely order Tsuke-men (noodles and soup in separate bowls) but since this place was named "Tsuke-men" I gave it a go.   Went for the 900yen tsukemen with a flavored egg... Normal, Large and Extra Large portion of noodles are all the same price thus the 3 buttons to the right of the picture.

The many toppings...

I ordered the "Atsu-Mori" version of the tsuke-men so the noodles were in a hot soup... I'm assuming its the soup used to boil the noodles (flavor of the noodles remain in the soup).

And the noodles!  WOW!!  Thick thick thick!!! I have never seen such chunky chewy noodles like this before... and I thought Jiro Ramen was chunky.   The texture was great and enjoyed eating each string of mochi-mochi noodles~.  I so prefer this to thin ramen noodles.

Nice thick flavored ramen soup... yum.

My flavored egg... very sweet and tasty.

Melty pork... had 2 pieces inside... not so big but the massive portion of noodles kept me full.

Fried onion chips as topping.

There is counter seating...

And unusually there is also table seating.  I'm so glad to wander into this shop and I should have known there was some reason for the lines at Tsuke-Men Tetsu.  If you want a solid ramen that will leave you both satisfied and incredibly stuffed (order the Oomori or Tokumori noodles!)

** 5.2014 UPDATE... After 5pm Noodles shift from THICK to MEDIUM **

Shop: Tsukemen TETSU Roppongi Hills Branch
Address J: 東京都港区六本木6-2-31 六本木ヒルズノースタワーB1F
Address E: Tokyo, Minato-ku, Roppongi 6-2-31, Roppongi Hills North Tower B1F


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