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Friday, November 23, 2012

ROPPONGI HILLS: 3 Guys Revisit Tsukemen TETSU... normal, large and extra large noodles! All 900yen

Of course... boys will be boys and even though it is not in our best interest to eat ramen at 10:45pm we still do it.  So... I took Hiro and Kenta to one of my favorite spots in Roppongi Hills.

Kenta went for the 800yen Tsukemen Extra Large serving of cold noodles.  My friend decided to push the Extra Large portion of hot noodles "Aji Tama Atsumori Tokumori" for me but asked the nice waiter to reduce it to a simple Large... and Hiro went for the regular "Aji Tama Atsumori"

Free fried onion chips.

If you get a table its perfect for people watching... well let me rephrase... great to see all that is beautiful and stylish in J-girls. 

All 3 of our soup bases were the same.  A very deep rich flavored soup that clings to the noodles... 

Kenta's Extra-Large portion noodles.

Hiro's normal portion noodles.

And my large portion noodles.

Overall everyone was extremely satisfied and got the stamp of approval from ramen connoisseur Kenta.  The only catch is that the shop closes at 11pm so you'll have to rush out of whatever bar to enjoy this great dish... but its always a good thing to head out early and not have to catch the last train.

Ramen Tetsu Address Details Here!

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