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Monday, November 19, 2012

IKEBUKURO: Tonkatsu WAKO... oily crispy with free miso soup, rice and cabbage refills!

I'm sold! Smoke free environment is all me :)

Great thing about WAKO is everything they sell is pictured... so just point.

2 different kinds of Kids menu.

If you order the kids menu a little tray will arrive filled with a few selections... 

Magnetic darts, Hello Kitty necklace, stickers and boxes with candy and toy.

The guy who brought me this tray looked seriously beat or overworked or just in the wrong career field.  Initially the food looked very limp and greasy...

For a 100yen or 150 yen extra (depending on your main order) you can get a Chawan-Mushi

The item pictured here is what I ordered.  Overall the oil fried mini-filet katsu, shrimp, oyster and seasonal special mushroom cream korokke was not too bad but my 3 servings of Shijimi-clam soup and two bowls of rice made my day.  

If you are new to Tokyo this is one of those spots you will eventually wander into. It can be a bit pricey as lunch dishes run from 900 - 1500yen... this can be especially expensive if you consider Matsuya's fantastic 490yen Tokatsu Set.   But overall a comfy spot with service that was extremely quick.

If you are in Sunshine City don't forget to check out the Aquarium and Seal show upstairs!

Shop: Tonkatsu Wako Sunshine City Alpa Branch
Address J: 東京都豊島区東池袋3-1 サンシャインシティアルパ 3F
Address E: Tokyo, Toshima-ku, Higashi Ikebukuro 3-1, Sunshine City Alpa 3F

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