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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

HOYA: Inoshow Ramen 11/21/2012 Grand Opening. "Probably the best ramen in Hoya" - Scott

The night before we had a few drinks with a local, Suzuki-san and he mentioned a new ramen spot that just opened up in Hoya Station.  Seems their main shop in Shakuji-Koen always has a line...

Menu handed to us in line.  Some of the red pepper spicy ramen selections here.

First time ever to see a shop charge for garlic... granted its only 20yen but really?

Shop faces the bus stop area.

Looks like Tsukemen Tetsu sent flowers here.  One of my favorite spots in Roppongi Hills.

During out 20-30min wait there were many curious elderly folks peeking inside.

This is how you do it... kneel down to customers eye level to take orders.  Don't tower over them.

There are 2 types of ramen soup base.... Assari (light) and Kotteri (heavy).   Seems they are most famous for the Tsuke-men but this day we opted for 2 Kotteri 750yen Ramen's.

Used the red pepper topping... nice kick.

There it is!  Soup had a very solid heavy feel to it... quite satisfying in itself.

Very heavy chunky noodles

This one piece of pork went from solid, semi-soft to melty soft in 3 layers.

Flavored egg... not too bad.  Lightly flavored than most.

"U" Counter seating and to the left was a rectangle table shared by 8 people.

If you go now they'll hand u a One Coin 500yen certificate for anything on the menu thru December 31st.  I think this will be my new ramen spot if I ever drink in Hoya.  Satisfying and not too bad for 750yen.

Shop: Inoshow - Hoya Branch
Address J:  東京都西東京市東町3-14-5 エミオ保谷1階
Address E: Tokyo, Nishi Tokyo Shi, Higashi Machi 3-14-5

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