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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

NERIMA: Matsuya Tonkatsu Shop... the Daikon Oroshi topping (white raddish) on sale! Gotta try it~

I have no idea how a simple 80yen ($1) reduction in price can lure me into a shop but had to give he Daikon Oroshi Tonkatsu a try~... 

For only 1 week 580yen to 500yen...

Free hot tea

And it arrives... not on a metal net as the usual Pork Tonkatsu (due to the grease) but sitting quietly on a plate topped with....

...a giant heat of minced white raddish!  

Unsure the normal procedure but I added the radish to the small cup of sauce then placed it back onto the Tonkatsu before eating... think it might be more traditional to evenly pour the sauce (Ponzu?) onto the radish.  It was a very refreshing and perhaps almost healthy with the radish... but I did miss not having the regular Tokatsu sauce and hot yellow mustard option.

Seaweed Miso soup comes with the meal.

And the rice is not your usual delicious supermarket type but a lower grade variety...

The carrot salad dressing was yum

And for the very first time... in a town not normally associated with any kind of wealthy I spot a Ferrari 458.

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