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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

SAKURADAI: Hagan for Fished based broth Tsukenem (Dipping Noodles)... hmm...

I'm a huge fan of Hagan's 破顔 soupless 汁なし ramen but I was on the fence this night to either stick with something I know and like or give their Tsukemen a try.  Walked inside and noticed a couple next to the ticket machine both enjoying Tsukemen... Ugh! I had to try it.

Tsukemen regular size "nami" 200g and medium size "chu-mori" 300g are both 700yen.

Arrived at 8:45pm on a Tuesday and at one point I was the only one here.  But before I left 3 other customers popped in.

There it is.  200 grams of noodles and the fish based soup broth.  I'm always confused whether to go for the same priced 200 grams or 300 grams... possibly the guilt of putting on too many carbs and 300grams really maxes out my belly.

The fish can be very overwhelming so if you are more of a tonkotsu/pork person this might not be the best choice.

I'm not a big fan of menma (bamboo shoots) so they replaced it with 2 pieces of seasweed.  Noodles will normally ALWAYS come out cold for tsukemen unless you request "Atsumori" (Hot Noodles).

Very soft pork for the tsukemen vs the soupless ramen that has fire grilled pork pieces.

Shinjuku Golden Gai's Nagi definitely ruined it for me in the Fish Broth department as nothing can compare to that amazing flavor. But hands down this place offers one of the best soupless ramen's in Tokyo... would I order their tsukemen again? Nope... 

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